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How could all this political hoaxing occur if "patriots in control"?

Why wont Trump declas on: Hillary/Podesta/DNC, midterm election fraud, 9/11, the FED and who is stealing our money, Epstein???

Edit: And what the fuck about Joe Biden / Hunter Biden and Ukraine??? NOTHING.

Its fairly disgusting, thought Trump was tough on corruption.

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This country has been dead since at least the late 60's, were just living in the corpse.

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I foolishly thought it could be saved. What the history books won't write about is how this was self-inflicted. The Jews' greatest weapon is our own immorality.

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There isn't anything worth saving, burn this shithole nation down.

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911 was the biggest before this new hoax. It’s been a stream of hoaxes for over 6 decades with fake moon landings etc.

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You are right bro

[–] Lurkin45 ago 

You're an idiot if you think Trump is anything more than a puppet playing his role. Go read the book of revelations, everything is unfolding as prophesied. There is no fixing the system because it's not broke, it's working exactly how it was designed.