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Turn you off like a switch and make you an unperson.

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And then I pull the trigger, and "unperson" them.

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What's wrong with a little fresh air?

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Any of these is to push the people to think of cash as a burden. I saw this in nyc with a bunch of places not accepting cash for "the safety of staff", 5 years ago. They used fear of robberies to deter cash use. Now they put cash in plastic bins when exchanging.

In March the federal reserve released a video telling people cash is safer in a bank then under the mattress.

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Do you recall the ad from Obama era that showed people lined up like a conveyor belt to swipe for coffee and the one guy pays with cash and the whole thing grinds to a halt? I was on reddit then and at the same time posts everywhere on how great using your phone to pay was and only criminals want cash.

"What are you hiding, are you doing something illegal?"

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You’re not joking. Microsoft submitted a patent for software that connects “user data” via 5g tech to cryptocurrency accounts. Trump already talked about how currency correction is needed (since they screwed us by going off the gold standard and hyperinflation) and I fear it will include using crypto.

Then there is quantum dot tattoo technology that can store vaccine info (and who knows what else).

Get self sufficient. Be able to make or have what you need. Pray and be in good cheer that the end of man’s suffering may be near.

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Myth: they screwed us by going off the gold standard

Reality: state controlled (not fed reserve which is private), labor based fiat was always the best in White nations

Take the money pill.

BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/EOmCSJwvU48P/

Jewtube mirror:


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Can we say “Escape from New York”?

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Slippery slope fallacy isn't a fallacy. Anyone older that 30 can tell you that.

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Most people can't realize that until they're at the bottom of the slope.

EDIT: Wow, I 'replied' to two comments at once!

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Source: see the gays

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~1991: "Civil Unions will never lead to actual church marriage. Hey everyone, look at the hillbilly homophobe crazy person."

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ID2020 what a coincidence it was named "2020" several years ago! Almost as though they had planned for 2020!

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and Agenda 21 . . . more big things next year for reducing population

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Yep, Agenda 21/2030 both accomplish control over all resources, moving people into urban areas, and rolling out 5G and AI into the urban areas to allow for the control over people, their purchases and activities. The new economy will be resource control, Until now they haven't had the means to micromanage human beings, but now AI, 5G, Quantum Computing, and Blockchain technology allows them this opportunity for enslavement. They just need to "digitize" us to ensnare us into their control grid. Bill Gates isn't working alone on this, he has much support. They want to use healthcare as the bridge justification between our organic bodies and digitization in the name of "safety."

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I refuse

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I've been thinking about starting a religion/cult that forbids cooperating with this madness and only allows us to trade goods and services with others in our group.

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The FBI would attack you , shoot you and set your compound on fire. Good luck with that.

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Don't put it all on the FBI. The ATF would be foaming at the mouth to get in on that action too.

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I know. :(

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I think the barter system is a great idea.

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Can we intentionally make the cult hand shake a "schlomo hands rubbing" gesture. Dont even have to say a thing and just watch the kikes REEEEEE antisemitism

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I'm hoping to avoid interacting with as much of the insane outside world as possible, so things that would draw attention like that I'd rather avoid in my little cult, but I encourage everyone to read Orlov's "Communities that abide" with some friends and family that you trust and come up with your own community standards that work for you :)

My ideal community is made up of people that read "the good life" by Helen and Scott Nearing and found themselves viscerally longing for that life and that have actually put the effort in to learning how to grow food and live simply. It's a very labor intensive way to live, but it's meaningful: https://youtu.be/evBpwQPn8QI https://youtu.be/z-P0HyOtEiU

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The Amish don't pay into social security or anything and they use cash to pay, so how will this hurt them?

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"oy vey your debit card has been denied because of a comment you made on the internet"

That's the jewish wet dream but they can all go fuck themselves

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They do not want to chip you. What they want to do, is inject an engineered virus under the auspices of "vaccination" that encodes for opsins within specified cell types—most likely neurons. Luciferase is an opsin, but I'm not sure if it's the opsin they would use. The purpose of fundamentally altering the DNA of certain cell types to make them produce opsins is to be able to control the protein-based channels of said cells through holography, which opsins are responsive to. 5G is not their end goal when it comes to re-creating the cellular infrastructure that is around us. They will eventually modify these cellular towers to allow for EMF penetration beneath the skin, and it is through this mode that they could then begin to influence human behavior by pulsing EMFs at more-or-less targeted areas within your head to holograph the opsin proteins, and by doing so, directly control the molecular and chemical transports of masses of your neuronal brain cells—if not the whole brain itself. This, if it is accomplished, will have incredible effects on society and how people actually function, and it may even allow them to assassinate people depending on how advanced of an understanding they can acquire of this newly found power over human beings.

You can read about how this is possible here (replace the commas before .org and .gov, my score is not high enough to post direct links):


And the CIA actually published a document that gives more-or-less in-depth information on what I am talking about, here:


Keep in mind that publicly, we do not believe that 5G can do what is needed just yet with the infrastructure that we believe is there. But perhaps it is such the case that the new 5G towers can be altered or harnessed by their owners in such an instant way as to transform them into EMF devices that allow for penetration beyond the skull and into the brain. So, it is possible that they can holograph opsins within the body already, and if such is the case, you are an idiot if you take the vaccine, and you deserve whatever hell you bring upon yourself.

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near infrared bioluminescence enzyme luciferase' which is the chemical that will make the quantum dot vaccination readable through a special mobile device app. That's right, the enzyme that will light up Bill Gates Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System is called Luciferase, that's what makes the vaccination readable long after the victim has been injected.


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