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If masks work, why didn't we just give them to prisoners instead of releasing them from prison?

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If masks work, why are you worried that I can't wear one? Yours will protect you.

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release 60k prisoners, masks required in public, police defunded, mob violence

the number is now more than 60,000 I saw an actual spreadsheet from stanford I can't find anymore

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Maybe because the point of releasing those prisoners wasn't to protect them, but to inflict them on society.

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Undies stop the shit flakes from getting on my pants.

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The driver is wearing a mask, lol.

[–] Had ago 

Looks like he is pulling down his sunglasses so he can see his phone to me.

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Upon review, that looks to be the case. I retract my statement. Thank you

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And now ... - go commando because it doesn't matter anyway?

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Top Tier Boomer meme lmfao

[–] BlkRifleCoffeeCancer ago 

No but a bedsheet can make a dutch oven possible.

[–] GoyimNose ago 

Corona is not real why don't people understand this

[–] CrackerSlant ago 

Viruses and flus are real. My grandpa died from pneumonia after catching a flu, IN THE 1990's.

[–] GoyimNose ago 

Yup viruses and flus are indeed real, what's your point?

[–] DILLIGAF ago 

Think of it like pissing your pants, not farting. If you are naked and start pissing uncontrollably, EVERYTHING gets covered with piss.

Wear your pants and wear a mask when you are around others.

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