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Nice article. The author writes really good articles.

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Generally agree, but one glaringly wrong detail really irked me:

There have been slaves since ancient times through the eighteenth century in many countries and most of them have been white.

Typical jew-university indoctrinal poison. Slavery was everywhere - even Tibet had slaves when the Chinese communists invaded. "Most" slave countries were not White.

The faggot author still reeks of the Semitic stench from his "formal education."

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He's saying that most slaves were white, not that slavery was mostly in white countries.

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Yes all countries had slaves. Some still do. I think he is talking more about western civilization only. He doesn't mention Asia etc. But at least it is another article flushing out the Jews from hiding behind the curtain.

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Benjamin is almost always a jewish surname, FYI.

"Never trust a man with two first names"

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So, the question becomes, with BLM and other wreckers trying to destroy America’s historical monuments, to include those commemorating the Founding Fathers, Union Commander Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Catholic saint Junipero Serra and even abolitionist Hans Christian Heg, why is it that Judah Benjamin has somehow been missed? He was a slave owner and worked as a lawyer in New Orleans where there was a thriving slave market as well as an economy built around cotton exports, which were driven by slave labor. He eventually became the number two man in the southern Confederacy, which is being regularly denounced as fighting a war to maintain slavery.

Well, of course the answer is quite simple. No politician or journalist who wants to stay employed would dare to publicly link Jews and slavery. BLM is also extravagantly funded by various guilt ridden foundations and other folks who are no doubt sensitive to the fact that there are certain issues that cannot be raised, and the people with their hands out know perfectly well what they can and cannot do or say to keep the money flowing.

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they owned 99% of the worlds slave ships.... but less than 1% of the aggression against slave owners/runners is directed against the chosen

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If anything good can be gained from this silly BLM bullshit, it's that it's a great vehicle to red pill blacks about jews and their roll with slavery.