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There weren't enough nazi supporters in America for their communism to take shape (communists need an opposition strategically) so they had to academically invent one by maneuevering to encompass the majority of Americans in with W.S. by using propaganda word games in academia.

Critical theory and postmodernism are intellectually bankrupt.

Full lecture on postmodernism by Professor Stephen Hicks:


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"The Nazi's are just golems dancing for the jew".


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Oh hey, that tweet seems to have been memory-holed. I wonder why.

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It is going to be renamed Julyqueef

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Uh.... white supremacy over ... the British?


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The Rubicon was crossed long ago.

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Yes, in 49 BC.

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'once held sacred'? By fucking cavemen!

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I mean, if that's the game they want to play, I doubt there's an area in North or South America that wasn't "held sacred" by savage injuns at some point. Milwaukee, where the DNC is going to be held, was populated with indians before European settlement, as was the entire Lake Michigan area, guess its racist to have the DNC there.

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The headline doesn't match the story. Trump holding a rally, isn't the 4th of July.

Right wing click bait bullshit.