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It was never about blacks being killed by police. BLM knows that their ostensible premise is utter bullshit.

This is about a first strike against law and order in a country they despise and wish to dismantle completely.

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BLM is jew control central over their nigger golems. Jews and China are in it together.

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They are nothing more than the strong arm of modern marxism. Hence why they gaslight and shame folks for merely protecting their life and property.

"Some jogger whom none of us have ever met or heard of til last week died, allow me to pummel you, your wife, your children, and ransack your property or else you're racist."

And the sad truth is that white liberals would rather have their whole family tarred and feathered than have anyone think they're racist. Some are just a lost cause.

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the niggers only know what the electric jew tells them. their sincere outrage is what makes them an effective golem in the first place

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Somehow the message has to get to the normies the TV and internet are brainwashing them.

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Its a first strike against law and order in a country that literally destroyed its own economy and killed its own citizens in a coronahoax.

doj sees voaters as worse than blm/antifa, and anyone with any pull here likely has people on them already.

so when i say the intelligent thing to do at this moment is to help blm/antifa in removing this form of government then dealing with them rather than doj i aint whistling dixey and i have thought it the fuck through consequences and ethics.

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We do have an epidemic of black on white violent crime, and that is a fact!

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horrific murder of George Floyd

The what? There's an alleged murder, but in reality the dude took an overdose of fentanyl and died of cardio pulmonary arrest following a period of excited delirium.

There was no murder.

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Why are both sides just accepting the narrative that this was a murder? Watch the damn video. The boy just gave out after fighting the cops putting him in the van.

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The boy just gave out after fighting the cops putting him in the van.

Link to that one please? All the videos I've seen end with him still under the cop.

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Very good find. It's hard to explain to people that what we are seeing now as nothing to do with racism but more to do with a plan destabilisation attempt to bring the USA to crisis.

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Well i mean its showing what the future will be like with more and more blacks

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That guy should post on voat. He'll like it here.

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From the article:

Poverty is also correlated with crime.

Is it though? Or is it correlated with blackness, who also are poor? Remove blacks from the poverty data AND the crime data, and what do you get?

Roughly 43% of blacks live "in poverty" in terms of "income." It is unclear if this includes government assistance. (Unclear what definition is used. usually it means less than x% of the median income. Usually they use a 50% figure, which means their income would have to increase by 50% to reach median. So, basically, under $40,000 if median is $60,000.)

They make up 21% of all people living "in poverty." Yet they make up 53% of all violent crime. There is an avaerage of 2.55 people per household, 7.7 million black households in poverty. That is 19 million blacks in poverty. The remaining households in poverty are non-black, total to 28.5 million, or roughly 72 million people.

That leaves 79% of the remaining people in poverty commit 47% of the crimes. There were 1,186,742 violent crimes in 2018. 47% of these were committed by non-blacks, or 557,500 or so.

Just assuming that only poor people commit violent crimes, that makes a rate of 3.2% for blacks in poverty, and a rate of 0.77% crime rates for non-blacks in poverty, over 4 times the rate of violent crime committed by blacks than non-blacks.

Now, tell me again how poverty and crime are related?

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Just LOOK at the numbers. Something niggers NEVER DO.

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Facts are racist. Feelings are real.

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