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Warning to everyone because we believe in free speech posts like this exist …I invite anyone who does not like these posts to respond and to criticize but you will not get sympathy if you believe they don't have the right to post shit like this. if you cant agree with this you should go back to Redditt and allow them to tell you what is acceptable speech. free speech means all speech.

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Shut up niggerfaggot

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You haven't really experienced voat until you've been called a niggerkikefaggot or some derivation thereof.

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The free speech is nice to see. Came from reddit.

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Abso-fucking-lutely. Frankly I think many racial posts are valid, but many of the people here are just hateful individuals who are more focused on division than solutions. Roast me niggerfaggots

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Can I be both right and hateful?

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If you haven't started hating yet, you haven't been paying attention.

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Solutions have been tried. Segregation works.

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believe it or not don't mind those posts its the hatred that I see in them that I hate and dispise …We are all have different genetic backgrounds and it does effect us but not to the extent some of the less intelligent in here believe...no one is generically bad being evil is a choice we are all given

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yes....I was shadow banned in there years ago. still have the account but after 3 years here wont go back to post....been posting here since almost the beginning and dispize a lot of what I see said in here . but this place is real with real opinions....why would I want to go and argue with individuals that don't have the stones to voice an unpopular belief and defend that belief.

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Why do you believe this is controversial?

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Lol. You obviously don't have a window.

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Because he is of the small hat tribe. Also, he cannot spell.

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They are definitely a separate subspecies. Taxonomically homo sapiens are 5 to 8 subspecies;

Homo Sapien Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid, Capoid, Australoid, and one can argue for 2 more for south pacific islanders and 1 for north American natives.

You could also add up to 2 more among highly isolated pockets of humans in central africa.

Realistically though, those are the subspecies of homo sapien, and we all have different traits, phenotype expression, and genetic expression. Culture is down stream from subspecies.

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Can you please provide some scientific studies or literature supporting this I'm genuinely interested?

I've been fascinated by populations genetics since undergrad. I reasoned away negroid stupid and proclivity to violence to extreme selective pressures placed upon the blacks in US.

The strong and dumb were kidnapped, several rounds of those were killed off before sail, 70-90% died during voyage, and any sort of intelligence was killed out upon arrival by colonials.

It's extremely obvious that niggers and asians are sub-species, but I didn't know about non-interbreeding with denisovans and neanderthals.

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There's very little current information for obvious political reasons. This is a great way to get your funding pulled. Niggers in Africa actually have a substantially lower IQ than niggers in the United States. The presumed reason being white admixture into their genome. The average nigger in the United States has an IQ of about 85. In Africa there is wide variation in average IQ, but it's generally between 65 and 75 depending on region and ethnicity.

https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/average-iq-by-country national IQ's.

http://aristocratsofthesoul.com/average-iq-by-race-and-ethnicity/ Racial averaged IQ's.

Taxonomical distinction in subspecies is a little hit or miss and depends on the exact definition used. The generally agreed upon definition is "a category in biological classification that ranks immediately below a species and designates a population of a particular geographic region genetically distinguishable from other such populations of the same species and capable of interbreeding successfully with them where its range overlaps theirs"

Under that, humanity is easily divided into multiple subspecies. Generally that would be done by examining differentiation in bone structure, the skull in particular varies wildly between different human subspecies and makes categorization generally a relatively simple task. Behavioral differences between subspecies are also often very common. Some people would argue that the genetic differences between different subspecies are very small... that's correct. However the genetic variation between various wolf SPECIES (not subspecies) are even smaller. An important fact to consider is phenotype expression. Radical variation in phenotype expression does not require radical changes in genetic makeup, but will cause radical changes in physical traits, behavioral traits, and cognitive capacity. It's how dog breeds are so different despite them all belonging to the same species.

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Species that are more uniform genetically than humans have multiple subspecies.

Species Heterozygosity Recognized Subspecies
Humans .698 -
Chimpanzees .765 4
African Buffalo .729 5
Leopards .58 13


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Nooooo, I have no homo sapien dna

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Niggers are homo sapien + primate DNA

We are homo sapien + cro magnon dna

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I have no rhesus factor in fact females in my family going back a couple of generations that I know of all have RH negative blood

[–] Doglegwarrior ago 

does the dog analogy fit better? breeds of humans?

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Not in this case. Dog breeds are heavily based on extreme genetic bias through in-breeding and phenotype selection. The difference between an averaged mutt and a wolf, or a Canadian wolf and a Siberian wolf is more accurate to the difference between human races/subspecies.

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If breeds are subspecies

[–] Pubiclouse ago 

Species of Humans

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The Negroids are so lazy they even stole the term people of color, it should be people of shades, shades from black to light brown.

Whites are the true colored people from blond hair to black, eyes of blue, green, hazel, grey, and complexions of ruddy, porcelain, swarthy etc

Colored implies a variation of color, not a tonal change.

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I like the term "People of shit", as their color ranges from "Poo color" to "Poo color".

Weird how the 'colorful people' are just shades of shit.

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People of Turd is my favorite choice of term

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more like people of shit they're all the color of poop

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Aka “shitskins”

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Yes all shades of Turd, from blood in stools Turds black to liver damage Turds of a clay color

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People of monocolor.

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Up voat for impeccable logic.

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every so often one needs to employ logic,

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Above not having Neanderthal or Denisovan DNA, Sub-Saharan Africans also bred with a primitive hominid species (basically a monkey) only 35,000 years ago.

Homo Sapiens mixed with Neanderthal/Denisovans 500,000 years ago, and did not interbreed with any primitive hominid species afterwards.

Niggers are over 500,000 years behind in evolution. They will never catch up due to their admixture with shit flinging monkeys only 35,000 years ago.

This is all derived from a study published in the journal Nature which debunked the "out of Africa" lie.

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My understanding is that th nearest common female ancestor of all humans lived abiut 300,000 y.a. and nearest male abt. 150,000y.a. What confuses the picture is that we all seem to have some admixture from other species as you say, most of which would have split off from our homo sapien lineage 1 or 2 milion y.a. Africans may have have mated with some particularly primitive remnant populations in central and southern africa.

Some markers existing in Mediterranean populations and some subsaharan poulations were assumed to have come from africa into eurasia, but I think the thinking has changed and it is now assumed that eurasian recolonized parts of africa and interbred with africans after the last ice age.


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The fact Cameroonians have a certain R1b Haplogroup mixed in from thousands of years ago one of their Last Common Ancestors proves that Caucasoids did go to Africa and bang some Congoids. Nonetheless they a still Congoids. Interesting graph notice how Erectus separate from the rest of the Archaic Hominids Ancestry of Humanity. Interesting I'm yoinking this niggerfaggot. Danke

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Darren tired Theory Out of Africa is from one job on of a distorted skull that they couldn't even find the rest of it but it was Jane Livingston so she could do anything she

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No, its 350,000 years ago, not 35,000! A00a-L1149 (or A00a1) Y DNA is 350,000 years old in many Negroes!

Blacks are VERY non human

Note that the "Out of Africa" theory is now UNSUPPORTED by any fossil evidence!

GREECE : New fossils suggest human ancestors evolved in Europe, not Africa :

First Human Ancestor Came from Europe Not Africa, 7.2 Million-year-old Fossils Indicate :

Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find :

Scientists Look To Europe As Evolutionary Seat : Found in Germany 20 years ago, this specimen is about 16.5 million years old:

A 210,000-year-old skull (Apidima 1) has been identified as the earliest modern human


Study reveals that humans migrated from Europe to Israel 40,000 years ago [NOT from Africa]


Full shocking paper (it goes out of way to indicate Negroes are non-human) :

Science quote : (even prior to recent 350,000 year discovery in DNA) :

2012 : "All the presuppositions posited in support of the Out-of-Africa hypothesis fail to hold up under simple scrutiny" :

from :

Re-Examining the Out-of-Africa Theory and the Origin of Europeoids (Caucasoids). Part 2. SNPs, Haplogroups and Haplotypes in the Y Chromosome of Chimpanzee and Humans

paper :


MODERN species and sub species proposed names of various Homo shit-skins (detailed but lacking DNA refs) :


Neanderthal genes (lacking only in Negros) contributes much of the known 538 genes for higher IQ.

All non-negro humans have Neanderthal genes. Between 1% and 20% of the human genome is Neanderthal, depending on region.

Only the recent mongrels in the last 300 years have some from their human side.

Science has proven many times that Blacks are VERY non human

Of the 538 genes for above 100 IQ intelligence, west african Negroes and Australian aborigines LACK most of the smart genes!

Look at bottom of this list of IQ from composited science paper research :


The smartest countries all have the least brown or black skins.

SKIN COLOR proven related to IQ:


The problem is that ALL humans on earth except blacks have brain folding genes from RECENT cross breeding with NEANDERTHALS (yes even everyone in south america), and the asians have these genes by breeding with DENISOVIANS (who also had bred earlier with NEANDERTHALS). And the SMARTEST asians bred at two points in history with DENISOVIANS, while the water-niggers and Thais only interbred one time.

Modern asian humans (smart non-Thai asians) interbred with Denisovans TWICE in history :


Some smarter asians picked up DNA, just as whites did, by breeding with Neanderthal&Denisovian half-breeds from conquering Neanderthal males... with full actual DNA sequenced from actual half-breed Denisovian+Neanderthal breeding bone fragment example ! :


Whites came from Cro-Magnon+Neanderthal mixing, Asians came from Mystery+Cro-Magnon+Denisovan mixing :

Europe's Ancestors: Cro-Magnon 28,000 Years Old Had DNA Like Modern Humans:


GENES 80% Predict your IQ!!!

DNA is well proven to be source of 80% of IQ based on mammoth research studies.

The two bombshell 80% DNA source of IQ studies ! :

2018 : 1,016 genes

paper = Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis In 269,867 Individuals Identifies New Genetic And Functional Links To Intelligence

Nature Genetics (2018) https://doi.org/10.1038/s41588-018-0152-6

Now 1,016 genes are proven correlated to IQ (many are brain , skull, or birth canal related, some might be merely (non-negroid) genes in general.

2018 : 538 genes

UK Biobank DNA yields 538 genes that are linked to intellectual abilities - genetic effects on intelligence and personality



pop science description of the above :

538 genes that are thought to be linked to intelligence (by comparing 300,000 test subjects) :

http://archive.is/pJYfe (original deleted and censored, archive exists)

Table showing over 25 IQ related specific genes that MOSTLY are missing in africans:

The percentage of Neanderthal DNA in modern black humans is zero !!! (they interbred 300,000 to 185,000 years ago with a ape-like hominid, probably a version of Homo heidelbergensis branch):


9 LIVING CAVEMEN with ACTUAL NEGROID HOMO ERECTUS Y DNA INACT found in CAMEROON, and a camaroon negro found in USA with caveman DNA from 300,000 years ago completely unrelated to real humans ! :



A00a-L1149 (or A00a1) Y DNA is 350,000 years old in many Negroes. Negroes DO NOT have common ancestor human Y DNA nicknamed "Y-chromosomal Adam" but they keep changing the definition every 5 years, to not let Negroes feel bad :


US Gov scientists agree that some Negroes discovered to be non-human, and Negroes interbred with ape-like creatures long long ago :


Shocking quotes from PMC4947341 "Hominin interbreeding and the evolution of human variation":

one-fifth of the Neanderthal genome may lurk within modern humans... (but totally absent in Negroes)

SUBHUMAN! interbreeding between Sub-Saharan Africans and an as-yet-unknown hominin, such as H. heidelbergensis...


Some think that the Negroes that bred with H. heidelbergensis were "Homo sapiens idaltu", and that "Homo sapiens idaltu" thus evolved into Negroes, while actual humans descended from 'Homo sapiens idaltu' leaving africa and interbreeding with Denisovian+Neanderthal becoming real humans , now called "Homo Sapiens sapiens) [note the extra sapiens].

Some Russian and Chinese scientists currently denounce that and say its the opposite, and that 'Homo sapiens idaltu' ENTERED africa and interbred with the indigenous Negroes (H. heidelbergensis).

Homo erectus went extinct only 50,000 years ago (100,000 tops) and was provably low IQ and PROVEN LAZY, similar to current Blacks, but unknown how much DNA admixture of Homo erectus is in the modern negro, if any, due to heat damage of artifact DNA, Negroes diverged from all real humans 350,000 years ago, as proven and mentioned frequently already (current Negro Y-DNA A00a-L1149 is 350,000 years old!).

Laziness in Homo erectus proof YES LAZY BLACKS! :


NOT JUST LAZY hominids, but LOW IQ, lazy Blacks never invented any crops, domesticated animals, or even the WHEEL!

Whites & Blacks 100 FACTS! Blacks never invented the wheel!:

Its been known since 1874 that Blacks are NOT human. The negro ape in 2nd most famous biology book ever written. 1874 by Ernst Haeckel, the famed evolutionary biologist. He Unabashedly described negroes as a SUBHUMAN race with copious amounts of data! :

Famous book "Anthropogenie oder Entwickelungsgeschichte des Menschen" : Page 527 of 780 :


WOW! :

Even though Blacks are now proven from over 350,000 years ago, vs real Humans nowadays, There were MANY types of Hominids that looked like humans, right up until each were killed off and replaced by Modern Humans.

No matter how you organize the timeline, DNA does not lie. Blacks are an unrelated species. Most land mammals are radically different species after 120,000 year separation, and Blacks separated from all real humans 350,000 years ago.

Gorillas : Scientists claim at least two branches of gorillas are not merely a different subspecies but ARE DIFFERENT SPECIES (over 120,000 years apart), yet gorillas have far more DNA in common as a percent to each gorilla species than ANY Negro on earth has to ANY Non-negro !!! Negroes ARE A DIFFERENT SPECIES according to scientific logic, and not Homo Sapiens at all!


Bears and wolves are also different species (not subspecies) after separating 120,000 years ago. Niggers separated 350,000 years ago.

TL/DR : Negroes are NOT Human. Y DNA from a handful of talking apes in Cameroon PROVE that Negros are not HUMAN and Negros share few genes with all other races, and are almost closer to chimps, than the dna "distance" between two of the main species of identical looking gorilla species!

@PagingDrBenway , @Pubiclouse, @Helena73, @foltaisaprovenshill, @Dave_ph, @MediumRarePlease, @Turn_Coat

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Another perfect post to help educate my children.

Thanks you heeb.

[–] PagingDrBenway 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Got a link to that study so I can use it to perpetuate the truth of White superiority?

[–] SharkRemix ago 

No link to the journal?

[–] imdrowning 2 points 13 points (+15|-2) ago 

This doesnt mean we need to "lynch" or destroy black people but it does shed light on why they simply dont conform to socities that have a higher IQ on average. Higher IQ generally means less random violence and higher trust. The crime stats speak for themselves,and dont give me the "they are oppressed they have to be ultra violent" thats simply a cuck talking point.

[–] Dave_ph [S] 1 point 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

We evolve having to work in groups and plan ahead in order to survive Winters

They evolve fighting and jumping up and down to harvest from the banana tree

[–] imdrowning 1 point 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

100% and if you are caught lying/raping etc in winter in our societies you get exiled and die and if you get caught raping in warm socities and exiled you just move along and rape elsewhere. There is an abundance of food and animals nearly all year round.

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You lost me on your first sentence. Believe me, they do not show you the tolerance you extend to them!

[–] broffdutycop 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

I mean, they keep carrying buckets on their heads for miles, everyday, and can't think of a better way. Whites had to invent a rolling bucket that's basically a bucket on a stick to drastically better their quality of life.

It's common sense, you just need to leave the indoctrination behind and open your eyes.

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I see irrigation pipes, they see scrap metal. We are not the same.

[–] Pubiclouse 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

When society has a base IQ of 98 is when it goes downhill.

[–] TheSeer 1 point 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

Simians, not simeons. I prefer the term 'primitive hominids', personally.

[–] Pubiclouse 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Or Archaic works as well.

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It's true that it is impossible to write objective rules for speciation that maintain our current animal taxonomy without splitting humans into separate subspecies. That's actually more interesting and exciting than the politically correct answer. Embrace it and watch the world start to make more sense.

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Stop calling niggers a species. Theyre a mistake, like the dodo.

[–] Dave_ph [S] 1 point 10 points (+11|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I said subspecies

True, without us supplying them with food they'd have been extinct by now

Darwin would not have carried forward this failed experiment

[–] ardvarcus ago 

If they had not been protected by the diseases of sub-Saharan Africa, they would have been wiped out 100,000 years ago by other superior races of humans. Niggers are the only race that can survive long-term in the hellhole that is central Africa.

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Genetic Dead Ends.

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