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Sucking jew cock.


Sucking jew cock.

American Civil Liberty Union

Created by communist jews.

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I always appreciate your comments so I have to ask: do you think its possible this was a show trial? Was this an attempt to demoralize those "on the right"?

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It’s just as likely as what was shown. None of that shit made sense. Any lawyer worth a crap should have been able to get him off from 1st degree murder. It was at the most manslaughter. At the least it was self defense and he still didn’t kill the butter huffer it ate herself to death.

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James is Jewish. If it was real it was dumb place to be. The "leader" was a fool or controlled opposition, and the government officials forced the two groups together. It was an obvious setup at best.

It sounds like he was chased by armed rioters and politically sentenced. Given the left probably killed Seth Rich would they also lie? Aka Smollet?

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Well considering our intelligence has weapons that induce cardiac arrest, not too hard to set people up.

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Of course it was. We’re so fucking fucked man. It makes me wanna an hero.

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my anger grows

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We use that anger in a practical way we disrobe in this bar the jew judge laywer cop n Get them fired and file suit against them and put them in jail for treason against the constitution they are criminals every single one of them. getting them out and make sure they never get in and then kicking them out is a way to to get them to heal did you does not like to use lose their money that’s where you get them where it hurts they are feeble deformed synagogue of Satan fecal matter they’re never gonna do anything but bring destruction and poisoning and they need to be it needs to be addressed in a practical manner ,They try to dominate and humiliate because they are feeble sub humans do not let a rat dominate you we focus our energy on getting rid of them legally and then they cannot have any power any longer ever again

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Address your flock, faggot.

[–] minx88 ago 

Yeah Trump better stop supporting the Jews and the neighbors he’s already doing a good job but he’s got that juice son-in-law that makes him look real bad

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Are we sure it wasn't a show trial? Are we sure its real? Seems like an attempt to demoralize.

[–] Glory_Beckons 2 points 17 points (+19|-2) ago 

Those are very different questions that shouldn't be conflated.

Of course it was meant to demoralize. They threw the book at him, and then some, specifically to destroy morale. Same as they did to the Proud Boys that got attacked by Antifa and defended themselves. Same as they're doing to the men who were attacked by Armed Robbery the Jogger.

What do you even mean by "are we sure it's real"? As in, could it have all been an act and he's actually free somewhere? Uh... sure, I guess. But that's pure speculation, you have zero evidence to back it up, and it doesn't even matter if it was an act because the effect it has had is very real. In fact, it being real should cause more outrage than it being faked. So why even speculate on that? It just makes you sound crazy or subversive.

Of course, what really motivates that kind of speculation is usually neither insanity nor subversion... but just plain laziness, and cowardliness, and weakness. Stop desperately looking for excuses not to get angry and continue sitting around doing nothing.

Your enemies have plenty of anger. And they go out there in mobs, and they wreck shit.

And guess what? They get results. They get their way.

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They travel in mobs because they are sub humans and they are feeble physically and mentally so their mob is there only way to intimidate n atrack Like rabbid hyenas.

White men need to get in groups and be armed you’re alone the sub human mobile attack you and I do it from behind because they are Fucking ugly andinferior n they know it.That’s why the attack of the weak.

they won’t go against a strong man or woman with a gun they are retard sub humans that attack elderly and children and they need to be taken off the face of the earth with the same cruelty as if they administer because they have no remorse they are not human

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Fields (nee Bloom) is some kind of weird glownigger patsy for sure.

But you and OP are right in that the outward-facing narrative was a demonstration of "Non-White Power in the face of White Resistance to The Diversity Agenda". Pure Chilling Effect/Demoralization.

And because it was their last even moderately successful psyop they've attempted to repeat it with the current round of statue attacks. But no sketchy Richard Spencer (who showed no support for Fields) to be the grand organizer and public face of the opposition this time. And as Glory-Beckons notes: the Proud Boys were already burned (by their fake creepy ringleader Gavin McInnes - who was not pulled into their court case either and somehow ended up with an entirely newly funded channel featuring other highly questionable "alt-right" youtubers). The Boog Boys were outed almost instantly as Antifa homos. People smelled a rat during the Virginia Gun Grab Op back in January. Covid was a wash-out. And now the Fentanyl Floyd riots & Seattle Super-Gay Autonomous Zone have just red pilled normies and fence sitters on Blacks AND the Covid lockdowns (and even some leftfags on gun ownership).

They have controlled the popular narrative for a long time, but Good Lord, they're running out of ideas fast and people aren't buying what they're selling as easily as they used to.

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I should be scared because they are feeble inferior and they continue use the victimhood thing like anti-Semite and white supremacist and racist these are victimhood words and they’re not working anymore we’re sick of their anti-gentile Backstabbing victimhood hypocrite bolshevik shit

[–] minx88 ago 

You are exactly right that he was very scared that’s why he’s desperate and out of fear so he’s brought his Islamic Muslim cockroaches and retarded Nager’s to attack and they use every tactic that they can and they keep trying to bring things like poisoning us with vaccines trying to track us with a vaccine trying to lock people down trying to threaten in every way false flag and they just keep bringing a new thing because they are scared and they should be

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if it was an attempt to demoralize, it failed. It only served to resolve our goal.

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It was a kangaroo court in the least. Fields did not get competent defense, the judge and jury showed clear bias. Prosecuting him for murder was utter nonsense and the sentence is a clear 8A violation.

It should have been appealed and the appeals court should have thrown it out immediately for the utter farce that it was.

He was an idiot at worst, but not some sort of plant or glowie. It's pretty clear he was fleeing from antifa terrorsts who were pointing guns at him and attacking his car with clubs. He tried to get away from what he likely thought were gunshots but all the roads were blocked by terrorists. Darryl Dixon and the others that were menacing him should have been charged with murder, not Fields.

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Nothing you said is anything more than the mainstream narrative. I still think its a show trial like the Trayvon Martin trial. For SHOW. For DEMORALIZATION.

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Trump is being awfully fucking fake and gay lately. Just standing around while our people get raped in the ass. I guess we need to do something about our own communities.

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Trump is being awfully fucking fake and gay lately. Just standing around while our people get raped in the ass.

"64 gorillion D Chess. Keeping his enemies close so he can watch what they are up to." ....Qtard

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Time to start supporting right wing politicians Trump is doing a good job and better than the Muslim cockroach but trumps got to stop supporting the Jews and the Nager’s and start standing up for white people

[–] Donald_Trumpstein 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

It's just more of that 'Sun Tzu- appear weak when you are strong' my Q paytriots keep on quoting

I really got the being weak part down!

[–] telleveryoneyouknow 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

yeah, my friends and i are trying to wrap our heads around it. is he trying to get everyone to talk? we know he's strategic but what is the strategy here? to keep his supporters in the dark? to force us to take action? we're justified. we can do it. if it can't come from potus it has to come from us. you'd think he would give the signal to someone on the outside at least. tucker has been talking. warming us up. idk. i was hoping we could avoid the inevitable but i guess i was wrong. get prepared now while you still can. might get ugly.

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if he cracks down on the rioters, he loses because they create a media narrative even if false. State and local governments are going to need to respond to this as per the constitution, not the federal government.

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State and local governments are jew controlled. I think we just have to wait for them to burn out. Right now ZOG soldiers are just too strong, but once they lose their support then militias can make a comeback.

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Why would he stop them? Democratic districts in democratic cities are burning, and the shit show has completely galvanized the Right, the center right, and the center into his camp. This is probably the biggest red-pilling event in history. BLM and Antifa have promised that Trump will win in November if the vote is even remotely honestly counted.

Blacks in droves are abaondoing the democrats even because of this shit show.

[–] telleveryoneyouknow ago 

I’m beginning to see that. It’s sad that it’s come to this extreme in order to expose the left for what it is. Insane. I assume now it’s only going to get worse

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If it wasn't for James Fields, all of those innocent motorists recently confronted by rioters would not have had the legal standing to escape from the terrorist mobs the way they did.

James Fields is a god damned American hero.

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Problem is that a lot of those places having the most trouble didn’t pass any pedestrian polo laws that I’m aware of. A lot of republican states did though.

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>pedestrian polo laws

phrase of the day

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James Fields is only one.

There are many more real patriots that were arrested that day and they are in jail. James Fields was only the most egregious one. I don't know their names. Cantwell... Cantwell is one. But there are many more. The fact that even I don't know their names is testament to the power of the jew controlled main stream media.

Cantwell was arrested in his New Hampshire home for saying "I'll fux your wife". What happened? Is that a crime?

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Whites need to wake up and realize, we have no power, we have no representation, we have no leadership, and we're not getting out of this peacefully.

America is over. The moment that America stop recognizing whites as it's people, it stopped being America.

Trump is incapable of defending our people from the coming genocide, and it's up to us to figure out how to create our own autonomous zones away from kike cops.

There will be a huge shift happening soon, and all you jobless whites are going to be needed real soon for building many civilization oasis across America.

From there we will build our starships and find new homeworlds for our people where we no longer need to fear being oppressed by the kike.

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lol, there is no place to go, we are stuck here.

[–] minx88 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

yes but the Jew is scared and they are mentally and physically inferior that’s why they are trying to attack us in all aspects like lockdown and poisonous vaccine or tracking or threatening us if we homeschool or threatening us to constantly threatening and using their bullshit victimhood like this word anti-Semitism when actually they are anti-gentlest and they do is the invader they need to be dragged out of their positions and not allowed to have any position and sent back to hell but until then we’re taking practical steps to get them out of their positions because they keepWhining and moaning because they are bolshevik murderous backstabbing filth and expose themselves by the continual attacks.But people are waking up and spreading word fast that’s why they’re scared that’s why they’re taking his constant pathetic attempts to control and it doesn’t work

[–] minx88 ago 

we need to disbarred and disrobe did you judge and lawyer we need to homeschool and not allow her kids with those murderers sub human offspring and teachers are kids can become lawyers real quick but we first we need to get did you judge and lawyer out of their positions and then filed suit against them because they are treasonous to the constitution we need to make practical moves to do this they are scared of us and that’s why they act in desperation and fear and that’s why they try all these things like lockdown and I need people with illegal poisining vaccine And any false flags and they will try anything and I will keep trying because they did you is the destroyers and they are the synagogue of Satan they are trying to genocide white and they use the court systems that’s why they need to be dragged out

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This is incomprehensible. PLEASE try to read your own post. I couldn't get past the first line.

You never even used a period.

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LMAO fucking starships? Space travel won't be a thing for another 1000 years. You best get to killing kikes if you wanna have a future boyo.

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There will be a huge shift happening soon, and all you jobless whites are going to be needed real soon for building many civilization oasis across America.

From there we will build our starships and find new homeworlds for our people where we no longer need to fear being oppressed by the kike.

Oh dear. lol

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Didn't that fat bitch die of a heart attack or something? Wasn't even hit by the car.

[–] ranch-othelioma 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Yup. It was figured out through /pol/ and v/fatpeoplehate digging and obsessing.

[–] Nosferatjew 1 point 10 points (+11|-1) ago 

James Feilds wasn't even driving the car. This was all theater, pure theater.

[–] RonBennington 1 point 6 points (+7|-1) ago  (edited ago)

I shouldn't have had to scroll down so far to see this post. Then the police helicopter goes down that witnessed the driver switch blocks away. Forgotten

[–] Nosferatjew 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

Yup. Straight down the memory hole.

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Someone should break that guy out of prison.

[–] LettItBurn [S] 4 points 0 points (+4|-4) ago 

Someone should break Dylann Roof out.

Dylann Roof is a good man. KILLED 9 NIGGERS! James Fields just wanted to go home.

[–] WhiteChickens 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

And Dylann Roof is actually white.

Apparently not many realize that Fields is jewish. lol

[–] Mittermeyer ago 

Not saying things one way or the other. Just pointing out some details that most missed about the shooting. It was a BLM church, and they were not doing normal church services on Wednesday when he showed up. Also I don't remember if he was one of the guys that died, but Roof targeted and at the very least injures a State Senator who was a part of the BLM shit.

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