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Post-racial is now seen as very much racist. This is why you don’t see activists look to MLK anymore. That type of movement is seen as quaint and now obsolete.

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It's because the entire ideology of these people is based on the double bind:

  • see color: obviously racist / don't see color: ignoring the lived experiences of minorities, therefore racist
  • moving into black neighborhood: racist, intrusion of black spaces, "gentrification" / moving out of black neighborhood: obivously racist, you clearly hate them, "white flight"
  • ...

Same with feminism.

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Basically, its fuck white people using whatever methods necessary

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I think a lot of people are starting to wake up and smell the bullshit.

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Two ways to lose, and no way to win. Trump is good at doing that to opponents.

The way to beat it is to look at the problem from a higher level. Look up what Scott Adams calls a "Moral High Ground Maneuver."

e.g. Every person is unique, with their own history and experiences. Stop assuming things based on skin color. You've become the literal definition of racist.

(you may want to be kinder or meaner, possibly with example prejudices, depending on the circumstances)

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Civilized behavior is seen as white supremacy by subhumans.

[–] Maat4u ago 

MLK who? You mean that corona virus guy that saw through his mask that Epstein killed himself?

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Yeah, talk to blacks in my community and there’s no problem.

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And yet it’s halfway through 2020 and most whites I know are still turbocucked. It’s like hey, literally anytime a white person gets in an altercation with a shitskin, no matter what context, it will get spun in a way that the white person will always be at fault, always lose. I’ve had it happen to me at work. It happened to that “karen” woman in the park. It happened with the dumb jogger. Whitey is getting blamed for the fucking riots. Apparently there is no limit to how much dumb shit we will continue to put up with because that diversity multicult programming is too effective, no chimpouts will wake them.

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The red pills are dropping faster and more frequently than ever before. I know plenty of boomers who were taught to worship MLK who are now laughing when I openly call these BLM and antifa rioters niggers and faggots. Even a year ago they’d have gasped and shamed me.

The holohoax will be the hardest pill to swallow.

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Today my girlfriend unexpectedly dropped some red pills even I haven't swallowed. About Jews being the spawn of Satan and the literal Antichrist, here to enslave the whole world with the mandatory vaccine that activates some genemanipulation sequence when in contact with 5G.

I mean, though I don't believe in every conspiracy theory or metaphysics, I sure as hell support her views on those handrubbing grabblers.

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The boomers I know are not the liberal cucks you must be referring to. Most always ???'d the holohoax but now TRUTH has been filling the gaps of shit that didn't make sense. What happened in Nam caused a severe disconnect to the BS they were fed. Those who still think Noname was Hero, are doomed to never see the light...

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Oh yes, loads of my suburban mom friends are definitely becoming racially conscious right now.

[–] Offlabeluse ago 

It will take years. Step by step, though. And remember, we don't ask have to do the same thing. In fact, makes more sense to branch out and try a variety of approaches to overcoming the black supremacists that are snatching the reins of control from the Jews you obviouskt still think control everything. Surprisingly to a few nubby simpletons who think history is static and patterns of survival and subversion never change, they don't.

Yes, yes, I know the stats and studies better than you do. Spare us both.

As long as white boys have it easier, socially speaking, bending over for culturally "Strong Horse", phenotypically "Gorillas on Steroids" - types of brute strength and horrifically violent (like a million gorillas are calling the shots and challenging whites to a fight. W didn't become apex creatures by bodyslamming rhinos and "squabbing" with animals twice or size we outsmarted them. We convinced the masses to work together to stop violence, not engage in a Law of the Jungle contest with black genetically evoled to be monsters.

Blacks are scary. Blacks, in general, are loud, violent, unpredictable, horribly frightening monsters!! Any sane, civilized human being doesn't attempt to engage and fight then any more than one would hop into a zoo enclosure and pick a fight with a wild animal.

Point being, even Jews and fagolas are starting to see the true nature of the great but are not accustomed to being called racist like we are and so are in the shocked red-pill stage of deal making and acquiescence. "Look! Look mister violent and scary black" man"... I'm on your side. I'm one of the good ones surely you don't hate me as blacks cannot be racist. Why, if they were... th-th-that would mean the entire media apparatus of CNN, MSNBC, FIX, NPR, DemocracyNow!, the Atlantic, Slate, Salon, New Yorker, US News, Time magazine, ABC, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Vice, Pitchfork, every single two-bit online magazine in my feed for the last twenty years, Comedy Crbtral, SNL, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Reddit, Amazon and their video service YouTube, Sony Playstation, Steam, Nintendo, NBA, NFL, ESPN, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, U of Every fuggin State in the Union, etc etc etc were all in on it and lying to me!!

I've been through it. Swallowing a pull that large shots you put the world's ass and into a realm or hyper-racial misery. Hell, things are at least better now (maybe!) because when I "came out", it seemed like is entirely alone against the entire world. The only people talking the least amount of sense were the violent, conformist, cultural imbeciles of various "Neo-Nazi" web boards... Daily Stormer, Gavin McInnes, Sam Hyde, etc hasn't come out yet.

Basically, blaming the Jews missed this one new development: blacks have gained significant control to not need the Jewish bankers anymore. And anyways, they both hate us. We need to start where we can: those of us skillful in storytelling, music, graphic arts, etc need to get busy creating the next "THIS IS AMERICA" (but obviously from our angle, our, ideally, from your own person and altogether unique angle! Good luck! See: "Right Wing Metapolitics", "Multiculturalism: Fact or Threat", "Downside of Diversity", and go to Library Genesis and type in "Arktos" in the search field and select "publisher" in the filter options. God bless. Good luck and have fun creating the future for a prosperous America.

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Many play it close to the vest.

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You don't know the right whites, then.

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Whites need to free their minds and bodies of the Talmudic Parasite. It's not just about the fact that there's no money in HCQ, the fact that it's an anti-parasitic is a significant reason why (((they))) are so terrified of HCQ -- Pine Gum Spirits in Castor Oil is just as, or perhaps even more, effective.

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The only difference between a tourist and a racist in south Africa is two weeks they say.

[–] urp ago 

That is a great, but length T-Shirt slogan!

I want that on a T-Shirt ! (But not to wear in public in Zuid Afrika , though)

"The only difference between a tourist and a racist in South Africa is two weeks"


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I find everything this man said as fair.

Which sucks. I got a lot of white friends I want to keep.

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I had black friends. One black friend is bareable. Getvtwo together and they try to out-ghetto each other. They just can't stop being niggers unless no other niggers are around to judge their niggerish behavior.

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Funny part is that's not even an exaggeration. I had 3 black friends growing up (in a mostly white school) and one of them completely changed when more niggers filled the school system. One black amongst whites can be okay. Any group of blacks is trouble. You gotta give it to em though; they stick together based on race and we can't seem to do that anymore.

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That makes me sad. Like... my white friends don't try to out-honkie each other.

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I had a pregnant, black employee once. Another employee (white) and I decided to give her a baby shower. We only knew one of her friends and none of her family. We enlisted the help of her friend to contact her other friends and family and invite them. She hosted the shower at her house for convenience. Other employee and I paid for everything. Food, drinks, party favors and we each gave her a very nice gift. We were the only whites at the shower and the entire time they shunned us, made rude remarks and generally acted like we were the enemy. The mother to be was right instep with her friends. They enjoyed our food and drink while making fun of whitey and most did not even bring a gift to their friend. The friend who loaned her apartment for the party was the only one who spoke to us. She could not apologize enough for their behavior. I think she was sincere. The employee never said thank you or acknowledged the party or the gifts to either of us. That opened my eyes.

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I read your comment and thought "sounds like..." it's honk atcha boi!

Yea bud I got black friends I'd like to keep too. Smart, well-read folk - the kind that are hard to come by in any race. But even they will ignore inconvenient facts:

https://outline.com/g9vDE6 corrected link here: http://archive.is/kvppm



https://outline.com/wLPp7e also fixed: http://archive.is/ECqs6


Adding one more because why not: http://archive.is/y4dPM

We've looked at the police/racial violence issue for over 30 years and still, the only disparity we've found in unjustified violence is that police are more likely to kill unarmed whites than any other race. The reason they kill blacks so often is because blacks are the most likely to use weapons/shoot at the cops! Even with that disparity, police still hesitate longer when shooting a black suspect > a white one, because they know subconsciously shooting a white person won't get their entire lives thrown in the shitter like it would a black.

Lincoln's first instinct was right. Until we live in segregated countries, we will never see the end of all of black people's problems blamed on racism. We have institutional structures in place right now to aid black people more than any other race, yet the cry for inequality of outcome is still racism. It's illogical, irrational, and it's becoming more dangerous every year. I'm fucking over it. If the US is so hopelessly bad, GTFO.

And I haven't come to this conclusion lightly - literally my best friend growing up is half black (we've since lost touch). One of my best friends now is Nigerian-descended, Jamaican-born, American-immigrated black. But even he will cite racism as "holding the black man down" despite his and his family's tremendous successes and opportunities in life. He has not tasted a smidgen of institutional racism yet holds the belief that it is pervasive in every aspect of society.

I'm sick of the dichotomy. White family in poverty? Must just be stupid/druggies/whatever. Black people in poverty? Racism duh.

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I'm glad I'm recognizable to someone! =)

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You ever seen Firefly? There's a part where someone is giving Mal shit for being a soldier on the 'wrong' side of the war, and he says "wars over. We're all just folk now" ...actually that might have been in the movie. Idk.

Anyways. "We're all just folk now." Can we just get to that part already?

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Yea bud I got black friends I'd like to keep too. Smart, well-read folk - the kind that are hard to come by in any race. But even they will ignore inconvenient facts:

My Black friends have been red pilling me on how evil jews are and how Whites and Blacks need to come together to defeat them before the whole world turns into what a few of them fled as toddlers when Idi Amin came to power. THEY KNOW!!

[–] thatguyiam ago 

Two of your links show no content beyond the headlines

[–] bobdole9 ago 

I think you'll be ok...you made it to Voat and stayed.

[–] GuysBeforeFries 1 point 16 points (+17|-1) ago 

I tried super hard to be "good" and not racist my whole life. Leftbook even tried to radicalize me to their side but I quickly dropped that shit.

The past week was the last straw for me. Now I'm redpilled as fuck and my bf and I are going to arm ourselves.

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Are you me? Unfortunately I need to wait 9 days to pick up my gun from the gun store that got looted by nogs last night because California.

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I grew up in an all white area so my first extended exposure to niggers was at a nearby community college. Didn't take more than a month of that shit to hate them forever.

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Need suggestions? Happy to help get more people using the 2nd!

[–] GuysBeforeFries ago 

I'd love some advice because I admit I know next to nothing about guns. My dad carries and he was suggesting I should get some kind of .38. Also if you have any YouTube channels, etc. that are good for beginner's knowledge it would really help!

[–] 24099929? ago 

If the country falls into civil war and you really want to help take the nation back, please remember that the ultimate problem isn't low IQ blacks, it's the jews herding them into an unnecessary race war with constantly staged hate crime hoaxes and false narratives coming out of media and academia.

[–] kishind ago 

You think we can calm their tits after all this racebaiting? The damage is done. We're going to need separate laws for whites and blacks. The best way to do that is to create separate nations. That way we don't have to spend time and resources managing our society's rabid human pets, and they won't (rightfully) complain about unequal treatment. They will just ruin each other's lives in the violence of their own country.

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Being Racist is right. Wear it as a badge of pride.

[–] kishind 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 


"You mean 'correct'?"

[–] American-Patriot ago 

not only correct but a survival instinct in many cases.

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This is my experience EXACTLY. Even subjected to 'racial/gender sensitivity' seminars endlessly in the military. I fought the evidence of my own life experience and the first hand accounted life experience of everyone I knew for ten years after high school.

I desperately wanted that bullshit to be true badly enough that I discounted the obvious and inarguable evidence of my own life. The BLM 'peaceful protests' and the endless and unchecked racism of the black community were the last straw for me.

The 'beltway sniper' should have been. Now everyone pretends that didnt happen, or that the jews trying to start this war didnt try to find a way to make a mexican man look white so they could use him to race bait.

The golem is too big to hide now, and now everyone knows the truth, or is about to.

It really is the jew. It really did manipulate our culture into believing things that werent true in order to weaken and distort the fiber of our nation. They really do mean to murder all human life on earth. The nigger is just another brainless animal tool the jew uses to accomplish this aim.

[–] Shakenstein 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

Yep. People even my own family are completely buying this INVERTED illusion of realty. Its even more than cognitive dissonance, they slowly but surely stop to question anything and never research ing on their own.

Yet show them fake news they dont get the Newspeak in it. You show them alternative freelance journalists debunking explicitly said fake news. They say they just conspiracy theorists. You show them the retract of the msn on said fake news they say FOX news is paid by deepstate capitalists bible belt christians(fucking lol).

You show them the same pattern with CNN they say your saying the same thing Donald Trump is saying, and Donald Trump is a racist.

You tell about Trump working hand in hand with zionists, They say Trump is racist because zionists are racists too. You say well how come jews AND zionists are also finançing BLM, reperashhhun movements and anti white rioters???

Head explodes

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You can't reason someone out of position they did not reason themselves into. You are swimming upstream against a lifetime of emotional programming: you must exploit and crash the installed programming before you can begin to install new programs. The most essential step is to master the Socratic method. If you lead them to the places in their mind where they don't know, make their brain do the work to defend stupid positions against simple questions, that's where you can start operating on their perspectives.

It looks like stupid, but actually it's just human. A majority of people have neither their own moral system nor their own sense of the world. Both of those categories are simply filled with their perceived social environment. They will follow consensus, because they don't actually have their own thoughts and it doesn't really matter to them. What really matters is they are not socially excluded for their beliefs and accompanying behaviors. That's all. Just a deep instinctive fear of being isolated

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Unfortunately, there are still lots of white guys who don’t get this. I think they must be the ones who’ve never had an encounter with blacks.

The quickest way to short circuit one of these types, BTW, is ask them what the end goal is. I’ve yet to meet one who could articulate it.

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