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Paid?? Those loonaticks are crazy for free.


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These fucking people...every single time they just start squawking and whining.

Partial pasta:

Women should have the right to vote!

No, they should not. I can give you three very good reasons women should not have the right to vote.

It allows politicians to drive a wedge between men and women and pit husband and wife against one another.

They can use gender identity politics to attempt to appeal to men or women exclusively, pitting half of the nation against the other half while giving them an out on addressing the real issues. It gives politicians in Washington the power to get between a husband and a wife emotionally and intellectually, which is outrageous and should not be allowed.

It is the most destructive thing to the family.

Before Feminism, only men had the right to vote, and almost all men got married. In practice, this meant that there was, as a trend, one vote per family not one vote per person. If we assume the lowest possible trust in politicians, then we assume that their political rhetoric will always reflect the bare minimum of what they can get away with. When 95+% of American voters were men casting votes for their families, politicians had no choice but to pitch policies and laws that were conductive to family values. But when all adults have a vote, politicians no longer have to care about family values. The level of discourse can be lowered to simply being individual friendly, instead of being family friendly. We can see the transformation this has on political rhetoric in action by simply looking at how talking points were changed. "Homosexual marriage is bad for the family" stopped working as an issue. Why? Because of the individual friendly rebuttal, what somebody does with their own body, or what they do behind closed doors, is no business of yours. The family gave way as an issue to the individual. This counter to anti-homosexual sentiment did not exist until women were given the right to vote.

And finally, related to two but still a separate reason on its own to count it as three, Conservatives and Liberals have a very fundamental split on how they view the world. The molecule is defined as the smallest possible unit of an element that still retains all of the traits of that element. So a water molecule is the smallest possible amount of water that still behaves chemically and physically like water. If you break it down any further, it stops being water.

Women should not have the right to vote because:

- It allows politicians to drive a wedge between men and women and pit husband and wife against one another.

  • It is the most destructive thing to the family.

  • It distributes the vote to individuals over families, which creates a system that will always sacrifice the family and always destroy family values in the name of pushing individual values.

Women should not have the right to work because:

- Giving women the right to work doubles the number of people looking for jobs while keeping the number of job positions available the same.

  • It destroys the husband's ability to support his family.

  • It enslaved women to the workplace.

  • It emptied out the home.

  • It undermines homeschooling as a means of educating your child, and increases the dependence on state and federal programs to take care of and instruct your child.

  • It encourages them to not have families or children at all.


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I use to watch some of you vids years ago, you're a lot less tame now. I like it.

Can we deport this lady? Oga booga oga oga.


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It started like a drama ... then it became a comedy ... then it became a tragedy.

Keep documenting these faggots. You're totally right, they show up in all kinds of different places. Your film here contributes to people learning things.

Thank you for your work.


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That is jackassery an unbecoming of a man. Not nice balls, nigga. Not cool. Boo.


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you beta?


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Busing people in and that's the turnout?

I feel kinda bad for them.


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If you are you, thanks. You're doing god's work.

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