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Well, as many have pointed out before, Rand isn't a proper libertarian; he's just the closest we're realistically going to get within the current climate of American politics. I support him for that reason, but:

  • He's too easily swayed by interventionism and won't seriously commit to major military cuts.
  • He gets overly caught up in traditionalism and religious values. Most of the time he keeps these things separate from his politics, but he seems tempted to go full Republican, which could be a problem if he's actually in office.
  • His economic ideas have a few holes in them, namely suggesting a VAT and retaining too many deductions.
  • He's too willing to accept free trade agreements even with third world countries.
  • He doesn't take immigration reform seriously enough.

The former two are my complaints as a libertarian; the latter two as a nationalist.


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He's too willing to accept free trade agreements even with third world countries.

Is he on board with NAFTA, CAFTA, and TPP?

The other thing I'd note is that he's not really against the drug war, he's just in favor of some reduced sentences.

I'm a left libertarian and I had some sympathies for him based on early things he said, but then he backtracked on a lot of it and I was rather disappointed.


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He's supportive of free trade in general; he is opposed to TPP, but not because it's a free trade agreement. He opposes it because it's secretive and proposes to injure national sovereignty. I'm not opposed to free trade either in principle, but it needs to stay between countries of similar economic status for numerous reasons, not least of which is harm to American workers.

As for the drug war, he actually does have a pretty good stance: he has said he would legalize marijuana at least at the federal level, thus leaving the issue to the states. As for other drugs, I'd like to legalize them, but realistically people are only going to accept marijuana and reduced sentences. It may not be perfect, but he does have the most liberal drug stance of any mainstream candidate of any party.

As I said, he's not a libertarian, but he's as close as we're going to get in a candidate that has any chance of being elected.


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In trying to please everyone, he has displeased virtually everyone.

In trying to be pragmatic, he has pissed off the ideologues.

In trying to have mass appeal, he has largely turned off his former fanbase.

The only politician I ever have (or am likely to ever) donate money to was Ron Paul.

His son will not receive such support from me.


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Israel sympathizer. Other than that, I like Rand.


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Firstly, he's not a libertarian.

Secondly, he's flip-flopped over to the neocon agenda. He's basically a chickenhawk now on foreign policy.

I knew Rand was a snake when he endorsed Romney over his own father in 2012. He will never get my vote.

And spare me the old line that "the perfect is the enemy of the good." Rand isn't even good, let alone perfect.


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Let's see. Jeb Bush is a pure neocon, Scott Walker has become a neocon. Who's left?


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He wants to eliminate every department of the government that isn't outlined in the constitution.

That includes NASA. And I'm a big proponent of space exploration.

Under Paul's proposed budget NASA is cut by 25 percent.

Paul explains "with the presence of private industries involved in space exploration and space tourism, it is time for NASA to look at ways to reduce spending … since President Obama has determined to realign the goals of NASA away from human space exploration to science and 'global warming' research, there is also a need to realign the agency’s funding".

Sometimes you just have to do science for science sake. It may not pay off in the future. It's a gamble. But many pure research projects have kept the US ahead of the rest of the world.


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his biggest shortcoming for me would be that he's very soft on illegal immigration and massive legal immigration.


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Did I inspire your question with my last post? :D

I'd love to shoot at answering this question but his libertarianism is what I don't like the most. He has quite a few good qualities other than that. So, even though I didn't qualify to answer, I opened my big mouth anyway LOL


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heh, I actually saw your submission seconds after I did this one. That was a good article. Didn't really say anything negative about him though.

Even if you don't lean libertarian, what don't you like about him?