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If the media lets you get big ...even if it s a s a villain or supposed alt right bad guy... it means the person is a shill.

  • Jordan Peterson
  • Richard Spencer
  • Candace Owens
  • Nick Fuentes?

I'm still hopeful that Owen Benjamin and Vox Day are legit.


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Owen and Vox are legit.. I've been watching them a few years and I met Owen in Vancouver. He's as legit as it gets.


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You met a guy at an event you which you paid to see. Granted, the money is of very little consequence. It was, what, like $20? Big deal. It's the fact that he was the star of a show in front of the people currently paying his living. The fact you met him says very little about his being legit. Any more than meeting anybody in a social situation with something at stake.

I believe that Owen believes himself. I do. But at the same time, his flat earth cosmology is mind-numbingly stupid. Also his implicit purity devices, which he so damned Jordan Peterson for - but which he also uses. At the end of the day, the sum total of Owen's philosophy is hardly different from Jordan Peterson's, the irony of which is hilarious. Don't collectivize and become aggressive against your enemy.

Just mind your business, grow your garden, have kids, don't hate on Muslims, don't strike the Jew, be a legend. Just get educated and have fun thinking about these things. That's all he says he does right? He just likes to think about stuff, and avoid being tricked. He stresses this all of the time.

Aka, "clean your room".

Meanwhile, your nation and culture are being torn apart. I don't remember a conflict in history, anywhere, where a society avoided destruction by just getting busy birthing. I'm certain if that had been a successful formula, more societies (and the tens of thousands of soldiers who sacrificed their lives for them) would have greatly preferred just fucking a lot to having to go fight. Rome was significantly larger than any of it's opponents, in terms of numbers and land area and military. It didn't stop them from falling, although I'm sure they were birthing plenty of babies.

A cultural war, a war for identity, has less to do with demographic competition for numbers, and much more to do with minds.

Of course, Owen's answer to that is to homeschool your kids. Well, he's got a wife who doesn't work, a $600k home and plot, and a unique skill and capacity to make his money as a fucking entertainer. It should be obvious that 99.99999% of the population he wants to save cannot hope to earn their way as entertainers. Yet, he prescribes the same thing for them. Just do what he does. Homeschool. Find a way to make it work. It is painfully fucking obvious that Owen is a guy who didn't grow up in the world that most people would call the real world. That's not to say he has never struggled or worked for anything. I respect how much work it takes to succeed at a high level in anything. What I'm saying is, Owen refuses to listen to anybody saying anything realistic about the old "working husband, wife at home with 6 kids model". Some can do it. Some simply cannot, and it isn't for lack of wanting to. That model is not going to save our civilization. This is not the 18th century anymore.


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I think he has mental problems. Like big time. He went on for months about crowder. Crowder, eventhough he is wrong and a jew loving faggot, looks better for not even mentioning the situation. Benjamin sings incoherent songs and rants about stupid shit, while occasionally calling out the jew


[–] fr33europe ago 

I've followed Owen a long time, and he needs to fuckin relax a bit. He's overdosed on redpills. Vox? He's a little piece of shit. Built up a cult of personality around himself.

You know who I like? Fuentes. When asked if he thinks the holocaust happened? He answers '6 million exactly' What a boss.

Vox and Owen will NEVER touch the holocaust, so fuck them.


[–] 963189_137 ago 

Do not trust anyone until you have run their DNA INDEPENDENTLY without them knowing.


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Richard Spencer my actually just be stupid enough to be doing all his bullshit without even being a shill on purpose. I get the feeling he does his crap and it just works out perfectly for the Jews so they just let him go on and on.

Functionally there's no difference, but there's those two kinds of people they use. The straight up payroll shills and the retards that think they're somehow helping but are actually hurting.

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Spencer is a member of the homosexual Jack Donovan cult where they're trying to redefine masculinity as being a zionist faggot. Donovan is behind most of these new figures, and the connection is usually easy to find.


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They are

Owen pushes flat earth because hes so disillusioned. He's either genuine about that belief, or figured out (((they))) wont do anything to him so long as they can label him crazy


[–] pimplepeter ago 

I think he is just an intellectual who entertains the absurd. The world is built on lies, so why not believe that they created the ball earth theory to move us away from thinking that the earth is the most sacred place in the "universe"? You have to admit the space theory makes people more likely to be atheistic and nihilist.


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I don't see Patrick Little or Stephan Molyneux on that list, despite everyone shrieking that they're Jewish/zionist. Little has been silenced, Stephan I think is less of a threat so he hasn't been just yet.


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You could tell pat was real based on how hard they tried to ignore him.