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I watched this documentary recently, and everyone should, and this is what I figured after doing so (it was not necessarily that this documentary said these things, but that it made me think these things) much of this, you will already know, I'm sure:

“Equality” for women, an ideological lie that encourages a career and lays aside the importance of family, does the following:

  • It puts a woman’s focus on the career at a time when she is biologically most fertile/attractive to the opposite sex, meaning less likelihood of offspring.

  • If any children do transpire before, or during this time, they are placed in some form of care, which takes them away from the influence and raising, or nurturing, of the family.

  • A child in another form of care receives another form of “raising”, with influence and education of a kind that the absent parents may not agree with.

  • The first years of a child’s life are the most important for development; so-called “sensitive periods”, for absorption of information, socialization and learning. If they are at a government mandated institution of learning during this time, the child will likely grow up to think and believe things that the parents do not, but things the state most certainly does.

  • Children these days are being taught about “Gender” and “Equality”, which acts on reducing the masculine traits and influence on boys, and the feminine traits and influence on girls. The result is an attempted “blending” of the two. But that doesn’t take into account the impending puberty phase and the hormonal changes that it will bring. What damage has already been done? What will the result be?

  • Children raised to be “equal” are typically encouraged to forego many of the traits that will make them attractive to the opposite sex in later life, which means male attraction to females will diminish as males because softer and vice versa, but especially, this attraction with regards to the age-old rule of pair-bonding attraction. What is a good “mate for life” etc.

  • Women that focus on their careers and never find time for children, or try and fail because it’s too late, become statistics of women that did not produce children. If this is intentionally created then it is a form of population control.

It is all state-led control, and people are still falling for this gargantuan lie due to the packaging that it’s delivered in.