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There’s some countries that don’t allow poems dictate public policy I hear.


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That poem was written by a jew, so not allowing it to dictate public policy is an anti-semitic hate crime.


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Statue of Liberty poem was written by a Jew, Emma Lazarus .


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And it wasn't part of the original statue. It was added later.


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I know, but I thought I'd post this since it's a step in the right direction.

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Good can he help the Boers and Whites being genocided in Africa instead of importing non Whites and shipping them to our cities?


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Fucking right it does. We need to get back to our roots.

The United States was founded as and always intended to be a European ethnostate. Immigration of anyone non European WAS NOT ALLOWED until the Immigration and Nationality act of 1965. The Jews played an outsized role in getting this legislation passed and ushering in the genocide of whites in America.

Don't believe me it was always designed as an ethnostate? Learn your history...

The Real History of the United States https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/203707685/

Founding Fathers

Alexander Hamilton,  Founding Father, on the white ethnostate


Ben Franklin,  Founding Father, on the white ethnostate


John Dickenson, Founding Father, on the white ethnostate


Charles Pickney, Founding Father, on the white ethnostate


James Madison, Founding Father, on the white ethnostate


Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, on the white ethnostate


Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father, on immigration into the white ethnostate


Founding fathers compilation on the creation and maintenance of a white ethnostate


Founding fathers ethnostate compilation


US presidential compilation calling for racial exclusion and homogeneity


Westward Expansion

Oregon territory racial exclusion


The expansionist movement out west didn't want slavery, not because of its moral abhorrence, but because it was and the white homogeneity of the community


Later Presidents

Abraham Lincoln on racial separation


Abraham Lincoln wasn't anti slavery, he was anti separation.


Harry Truman on the ethnostate


14th Amendment

The intent of the 14th amendment, as told by its author.



Only whites could immigrate according to the first US congressional immigration law.


History of anti miscegenation laws in ALL States


The most prominent slavery abolitionist movement advocated for a white ethnostate


Who brought all these slaves here if the founding fathers were so opposed to them?

Only 1.6% of the population owned slaves at it's peak in 1860. Only .35% of these were white.


Ben Franklin warning against the Jewish invasion. (Validity disputed)


At the height of the slave trade 78% of slave owners in the U.S. were Jewish. (Validity disputed)



75% of Jewish families in the major southern cities owned slaves. 40% of the total Jewish population in the US owned slaves.


The Jews have been THE central group in slave trading and owning throughout history.


The Jews were so dominant in the slave trade that slave auctions were not held on Jewish holidays because no-one would show up.


9 facts about slavery they don't want you to know


The first slave owner in the continental United States was a black man named Anthony Johnson.


Revolutionary War

The prime reason for the revolutionary war was that the Rothschild's Bank of England took away the colonys' ability to issue their own money.



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Maybe the woke zombies will take the statue down


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God damn you. God damn you all to hell!


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Immigrant rights groups strongly criticized the Trump administration's new rules for immigrants receiving public assistance, warning that the changes would scare immigrants away from asking for needed help.

lol “warning”.

Not. Our. Fucking. Problem.

And they voiced concern that officials were being given too much authority to decide whether someone is likely to need public assistance in the future.

That would be a problem only if would-be immigrants seeking public assistance were prone to deception in order to get it.

Spics and niggers treat U.S. public asst. programs like some fucking little game to win while White People actually keep them running, and liberals and “Immigrants rights activists” love them for it.

You ever hear liberals “voicing concerns” over that or anything beneficial to Whites in America?

“Immigrant rights activists”: Secret code for “self-entitled cowards who don’t give a fuck about America as long as no one stops them from Getting Free Stuff(c)”.


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Man that new immigrant law is fucking genius.

Excellent way to keep garbage off our shores.


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It needs to be taken a step further. Timing is everything though and it needs to drop at the right moment. But we need mass deportations, and any resistance to this lawful action should result in a massacre of historical proportions.

The only way America survives is by deporting 40+ Million shitskins. Killing another 5 to 50 Million shitskin supporters and anti-white globalists. Then scaring the remaining 50 to 100 Million dissidents out of this country forever. Then, once they're all gone, lock down our border with such a degree of military fortitude that it makes the Korean DMZ look like a children's playground. Both the Southern border with Mexico and our Northern border with Canada.

If America was left to whites, and we were left to our own devices, we would be able to build walls from sea to shining sea in less than a decade, covered in defensive measures and littered with surveillance equipment and deadly booby-traps.


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Why would Emma Lazarus, a Jewish socialist, write a poem encouraging European solidarity? She wrote it to encourage and facilitate non White subversion into our nation


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Inching our way back to being able to publicly admit that niggers aren't people.

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