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Homosexuality in all its forms is not just condemned in the Bible, it's condemned in every holy book on Earth, over the past four thousand years of human history. Why? Because it contributes to the destruction and downfall of civilizations. Anything that threatens the integrity of the family unit -- a man and a woman, married, with children -- is poison to healthy societies, and must be abolished and prohibited. That's not religious belief, that practical reality.

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We are living in the gayest decade. Probably invention of the television had contributed to this.

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Not really, look into the Weimar Republic.

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According to the Bible, the city of Sodom fell because men were fucking other men in the ass. That's why it's called sodomy.

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You need to read about Sodom and Gamorrah. Today it may be bad, but it could be worse.

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I woke up at 7 on a Saturday DAMMIT!!! (sorry, had to get that out). Anywho, I turned on the TV and it's some show called "Million Dollar Listing New York." It's apparently about high-end real estate sales. yawn maybe I could go back to sleep but I watched a little. It's so surreal. EVERY MAN ACTS EFFEMINATE! If you would have asked me, I'd have said every "main male character" is gay - at least on this particular episode from what I've seen and I've never seen this before - nor will I again, I hope.

Now, I've had what I consider a normal childhood and young adulthood. I played baseball as a catcher (the guy wearing the armor), football (blind-side edge rusher - my years as a catcher and my youth made me VERY explosive off the snap and I was always bouncing off the sled in the 4-man sled b/c I was hitting it faster than anyone else could, which the coach of course noticed so put me where he did). I even played a year of basketball as the Center, due to my leaping ability, but I'm more of a sprinter and didn't like all the running back and forth.

I tell you this because there wasn't a soul I have watched on TV there that I could see doing ANY of that stuff. No, at least all of them apparently are NOT gay because it showed them with their girlfriend/wife. These "men" have such "Valley Girl" (h/t to Frank Zappa), like, mannerisms, like. gasp (opens mouth, puts palms on cheeks).

And here I am, unshaven, hair to my shoulders looking like a caveman, and these idiots realtors were whispering at an open house (err apartment) "Anyone you see unshaven has money"

omG how clueless...or maybe NYC has changed into Metrosexual City, I have no idea. I just looked up, and one guy was fanning his face with a contract inside a climate-controlled environment. I just do not identify with these people. I just saw another one high-five like a girl.

Then again, I'm not stupid enough to spend $14 million dollars on an APARTMENT!!!

gasp jaw drops, puts palms on my face

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Thanks man, I've been looking for a good argument against homosexuality, and I think this:

Anything that threatens the integrity of the family unit -- a man and a woman, married, with children -- is poison to healthy societies

Is really the best there is. Deterministic or freewill, society's point is to continue its existence. Whether criminals are ultimately in control of their choices or not, it is society's job to remove them in order to maintain. Similarly with homosexuals.

But honestly, I would be okay with it if it just stayed in their bedrooms. But as this meme evidences, it has not.

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You could also use the fact that STD are 99% transmitted through anal. And if that isn't enough, a few good prolapse pics ought to change some minds.

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I understand your point, but I'd likely rephrase. Our point isn't to continue existence. Our point is to continue creation - in the fullest sense - and it is a consequence of living according to logos (order, natural law). Our purpose is to experience love, law, and to create. Creation of human life means the continuity of existence by definition, but existence is not the point. Societies come and they go. Existence is necessary but not sufficient to do what we are here to do. You might think this is a trivial distinction to make because it appears that it's saying the same thing, but it isn't. One could continue the existence of this society if they were to clone female eggs and artificially inseminate them. That is not creation.

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Exactly. If only it stayed in their bedroom, then no one would gaf

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Rampant Homosexuality usually spelt the death of an empire just like in Rome

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Faggotry is simply evil, and will be dealt with accordingly.

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You'd never see this degeneracy 30 years ago. Now I see these rainbow flags on Churches; flags that celebrate what people do with their genitals.

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I rage hard at this. If a flag is a symbol of conquest, then a Gay Pride (two sins) flag flying from a church could be interpreted as a literal victory flag of satan at that location. Any church’s open endorsement of a lifestyle that is explicitly antithetical to core ethics/tenets and acting in this manner is blatant heresy and grounds for people to start “flipping tables” in righteousness.

And the worst thing is part of me really wants to believe that those Churches are just flying a symbol of God’s covenant as a way of taking back the culture... but it’s hard to unknow these things.

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I saw the rainbow LGTBQP gay sex flag on a church in a town with an unusually large and strong Jewish population. I'll let you come to your own conclusions about that.

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More and more Christian preachers and priests are making excuses for homosexuals. Anyone who is Christian, this is the place to draw the line. This is where you say, "No farther." Homosexuality is explicity condemned in the Bible and by two millennia of Christian tradition. Do not allow it to be accepted by soy-boy, faggot priests and pastors.

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Not only that, but celebrating things that the Bible plainly states are sinful. How can you even call yourself a church at that point, when you openly support and celebrate things that God seems to think are wicked?

[–] ardvarcus ago 

You're right, any church that accepts the perversions of our age, including homosexuality, is not a Christian church, no matter what they call themselves.

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And every company being rainbow gay in June 🤡🌎

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Southern Baptist here -- my particular church is immune to all this, thank God (literally). My preacher reads right out of the Bible, goes back to the original word used and its meaning, and tells it like it's supposed to be told like any good minister should.

He also tosses in a joke at some point "just to keep ya'll awake" as he says.

Ex: "Paul then went to evangelize. He traveled by land, by sea, and by air....naw, I'm kiddin' ya'll he didn't travel by air two thousand years ago! I just wanna make sure ya'll are paying attention!!"

That, he does. lol

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Sounds like a good pastor. Lately I've been listening to Pastor Steven Anderson, and also to Pastor James White. Both are Baptists, and both are strongly against the acceptance of homosexuality by Christian churches.

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Old copypasta (could have also just been a post I found on here, can't remember), but it fits...

"Good job, fags. Nobody gave a flying fuck about homosexuality one way or the other until the left politicized it and tried to use it as a moral and political bludgeon. You're a tiny and insignificant portion of the population. The world does not revolve around your stupid fucking sexual identity. You idiots have created an army of enemies where before, there had been none. Good job.

Even just five years ago, I was totally indifferent. I didn't care one way or the other, just like a lot of people. But now, after years of hysterics, pearl-clutching, demonizing, and obnoxious political theatrics, I'm totally opposed to it. I will literally sign-off on outlawing it now. Fuck off.

I'll cite the astronomical CDC stats on gays and sexually transmitted disease. You're basically walking petri dishes, so there is clearly a legitimate public health interest in prohibiting it. And I'm only scratching the surface here. You're deluded if you think that the only criticism we can make of homosexuality is religious. People become a lot more amenable to this view when you start tying homosexuality to communism, open borders, the destruction of the family, or politics that ignore the financial and social impossibility of having children. People don't have to be religious at all to come around to this view. Surprise!

Do you realize how pathetic you sound? The ridiculous navel-gazing and whining about your little degenerate bourgeois bullshit while half the country sinks into despair because they have no future? Goldman Sachs showering pride parades with corporate money because they want you to keep voting for open-borders, cheap labor, and mass immigration after 40 years of wage stagnation? It's fucking nauseating and moronic. But none of this ever occurred to you, because you're the star of your own Lifetime movie, and we're all just the extras or the villains.

So you go right ahead and keep trying to shame us as “bigots” for not making your stupid sexual choices the center of our existence and cultural/political life. All it does is get people to start considering legitimate reasons to prohibit homosexuality, and they do exist. Find that out the hard way.

Nobody is putting you on trial, idiot. You put us on trial because you let the neo-liberal left turn you into political props; an ideological fad for the cool-kid, fashion statement left, and now we're telling you to fuck off. Let me know when you get run out of a job for being a homosexual, or hit with a bike lock by some lunatic while the mass media cheers and snickers, or put away for 10 years after defending yourself from assault, while the police look on and do nothing (because they were ordered to) so that the media could paint you as a monster and justify deplatforming or waging lawfare against you. Tell me more about how you're on trial, and cry because somebody called you a degenerate once.

Oh, and by the way. Matthew Shepard wasn't killed by cowboy frat-jock Nazi homophobes. He was killed by other gays. It was over drugs. And since you, like the majority of homosexuals, probably didn't know that, let me ask you who is really on trial here, and has been the whole time."

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There was a time I did not care too much. I would have called it a sin and condemned them for it, but I would have regarded that as their mistake to make. Now I do care. Now, when the time comes, I will regard it as a problem for the nation that needs to be culled before it grows out of control.

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before it grows out of control

Too late.

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The media would make it seem like it's to late wouldn't it? If you believe what the media wants you to believe that is! I'm sure cnn and msnbc and all the rest of the media are telling us the honest truth though. Sure, sure they are. Just keep watching them and believing them.

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For far too long we've let things slide. It's time to stop the slide, if we still can.

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These mother fuckers need to be charged as pedophiles.
And then burned.
And then shot.
And then burned again.

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One of my favorite Robot Chicken episodes was where Bob the Builder was attacked while on a construction site by the union mobsters. After killing one with a power tool, his sidekick beats two of them to death with a shovel before the ringleader tries to run and gets run over by a steamroller. After the massacre, Bob's team cleans the construction site up and digs a hole, throws the bodies inside, and then paves right over them.

You get where I'm going with this, right?

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I would give them 20 years in the Electric Chair.

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I feel so bad for these kids growing up thinking this is normal and ok. You can see it in their faces. They know it’s wrong but the adults are doing it.

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You'd think that they'd be arrested for walking around with their AIDS dispensers out in front of children.

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But that would be a hate crime!

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This should not be possible in a country that calls itself 'civilized'.

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