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How can someone write an article for the Washington Examiner about doctors quitting their jobs at a refugee center and not describe the actual conditions that made them quit? This is like reading a book report from a 5th grader. Here's some basic shit you need to relate in your report if you're claiming to be a journalist: who, what, where, when, WHY.

WHY: as in WHY did they quit? Were they angry over the lack of communication? Were they terrified of MS-13 gangs threatening them? Were they afraid of the communicable diseases coming in? Were they sickened by the child trafficking?

"I can't handle this" is not reporting.

(Thanks for the post, Mustard, but that article didn't tell me anything. It just raised more questions).


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"The doctor just left. Got up and left. He was just like, ‘This is too much. This is too much. I can’t handle this,’” Farris said. “Was probably like, ‘I’m a doctor. I don’t need to be in here.’ “When you see that, you’re like, ‘This is bad. It must be bad,’” he continued.

I love how everyone talks like a 14 year old girl now.

Yeah, like totally, I'm a doctor and stuff. lol