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This cunt is retarded I'm sure of it. She is proof ANYONE can be successful in politics.

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Not true, well the second part she is a tard. Cortez was selected, politicians in this country are placed in positions by big money. Noone would ever know about her if her agenda was to remove all aid from Israel. She is doing her part and that is the reason she was "discovered " by the people...lol. Revolution in this country is the only way to remove the parasites.

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This, you need major financial backing to get even state level elected positions let alone federal. She was selected or groomed for these position cause the Dems were likely losing young people and millennials so installing one would win people back, but good this it appears to be back firing.

[–] ViperCarbz ago 

Cortez was selected

Yep. They are trying to pull another Obama run with her. He at least had a brain.

[–] herbalism ago 

Anyone with the right (((connections))). I wonder how many jew dicks she had to suck to level up so fast...

[–] SirNiggsalot 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

Irs like ((( they ))) picked the dimmest bulb they could find. Easier to manipulate I suppose.

[–] fortuitouslyunfallen ago 

You may have to re-evaluate your definition of successful.

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Congressman's salary for some at about a 5th grader understanding of the world is pretty successful dyt ?

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I am totally convinced that AOC is a pro-Trump operative. I think the Trump people funded her campaign for Congress. She is doing more to destroy the dems and gain support for re-electing Trump than anything else the RNC could possibly do.

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Never attribute to malice what can be sufficiently explained by stupidity. It's not like the Democrats have a severe stupidity shortage or a stupidity supply problem.

[–] Snicklesnork 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

I completely understand and you are correct; my statement is tongue-in-cheek. As is stated in certain circles, "there's no fix for stupid".

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Yes, from what I've seen from those who like and support AOC and Ilhan Omar and the like, is that they live in privileged bubbles and think that support for their policies and political ideology is much higher than it actually is. They think a few congresswomen winning liberal districts is somehow a mandate to change America into some socialist dystopia.

[–] edistojim ago 

Understatement of the century.

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I know plenty of people with college degrees that are morons. Whats the argument? Stupid and crazy don't necessarily go together.

[–] PraiseIPU 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

I know plenty of people with college degrees that are morons

There are certainly a few in this thread

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HEY! i havent even posted yet and you are already calling me stupid....

ohhh wait a second... you got me! good trap!

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I'd pee in her butt

[–] PHXSunlight ago 

And, they say romance is dead!

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So blue collar folks shouldn't be in Congress? Only millionaires. Got it. Thanks for the info, Schlomo.

[–] TheKalergiFan ago 

Not even a bartender, she was basically a waitress at a taco shop.

[–] demarcusnephew ago 

lol more like expert in autism

[–] IrbyTremors ago 

Why do you guys give so much attention to this retard. She's a symptom of the problem not the cause.

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