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She knows about the deep state.

She's wrong about a lot of things, but she is earnest, patriotic, and not a swamp creature.

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She's also Hawaiian and Hawaiians have a history of hostility toward mainlanders.
They don't like Whites. There is a reason why she is a Democrat.

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She's 1/4 Samoan + 3/4 European; she's no more "Hawaiian" than Barry Soetoro was. Her mom is a white German Hindu and her dad is half Samoan, half Euro. Pic of the happy family.

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Say, you wouldn't happen to have some of that there 'context' would you?

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Tulsi is the best of the Dem candidates but there's something about her that seems disingenuous. I believe they're tactically riding her in with techniques that has helped the right: e.g. streissand effect after the NBC live video edited "pimple" on her face, her anti-war stances which she's been consistent on but if she's controlled opposition by Israel, they know what they're doing. Now this JFK book shit... she's presented as woke but she still holds the common position shared across all communists, I mean Democrats.

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https://tweetsave.com/admiringmarx/status/1149451552941154305 :

Marx Admired Lincoln on Twitter: "(7/11/19) Tulsi Gabbard uploaded an auto-deleting video (feature known as "Stories" on Instagram, videos/pictures that only last 24 hrs and are viewed by clicking an account's thumbnail/display picture) of her walking around Wisconsin, carrying a copy of JFK & the Unspeakable 🤯… /gmmMD2tkFN"

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it's all about the optics

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Yah and you also linked some outright admitted commie account as if that piece of trash has an ounce of credibility or moral authority. Fuck him and fuck all commies.