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Why would people not want to hire women? Why would people not want to hire blacks?

Because women like this set them all back with their stupidity and lies.

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A nigger cunt. If you're hiring niggers or women, then you deserve what happens

[–] andrew_jackson ago 

then you deserve what happens


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You are correct, I would add that the "community" (blacks, hyspanic, etc...) do NOT reprise the liears, they keep shush (silent)

So, thay are hypocrites , they preach equal treatment but what they do is SPECIAL treatment.

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Because blacks and women expect the world to be given to them. They look at a job as oppressive in nature, they look at their bosses and managers as symbols of white power structures.

They will always be the first to sue the company they work for discrimination or sexual assault. They have no work ethic or ability to succeed in these environments. Depending instead on social justice and making themselves look like the victim.

Fucker I am trying to run a business here.

I would hire anyone competent and able to do the job. There is work I need done and I hire people to do that work. I wouldn't give one half of a fuck about you being black unless you bring it up.

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I've run into a few executive assistants and management level people who were ideally suited to their tasks and ran circles around everyone else competing with them, and they were black women.

The reason the simple ones are so angry and misled is because the media has pounded it into them not to ever look inward for a deficiency.

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Now she will say he is racist because he DIDN'T kiss her on the mouth because she is black.

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Looks like a nigger. What job did she not get to result in this bitter reaction lawsuit?

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When will people learn that there is a camera EVERYWHERE? This gold diggers case is closed.

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