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Undoubtedly a small subset of operatives they are happy to burn. The evidence against those with real power would be better hidden.

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In order to pull of a large heist, you must take a small hit. I wouldn't be surprised if you're correct. My first though was that this was merely a decoy full of low level expendable people. High ranking politicians and elite members would likely be kept somewhere other than a closet server.

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i tend to agree, but look at how bone headed hillary was. Or the people who hired Imran Awan.

These are not high IQ people who are worried about security.

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Yes and they can even be hidden in plain sight with encryption.

You don't risk that a determined cat burglar or housekeeper moonlighting as a safe cracker can manage to get your blackmail disks.

Notice these arrests happened after the Norwegian ring had been brought down?

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Youd think.

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Just waiting for the mossad control of the USA via pedo blackmail to be confirmed.

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The title is a lie and clickbait. I doubt the nudes were even illegal. And I REALLY doubt they include any politicians. If they had more than "nudes" they would have said so.

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Limited hangout.

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And this is why he was arrested. Probably pissed off the wrong people.