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White people are not willing to pay for this. None of us voted for this shit. The Zionist occupied government in control are the ones who are pushing this type of shit without any vote from the general public whatsoever.

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White Liberals vote for it. They are too caught up in their imaginary multi-racial utopian delusion to see that they are being used.

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White liberals tend to be upper middle class ( they aren't around much diversity and think that all white people are as well off as them because most people in the upper middle class are white)

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YEP thats why right wing parties cant win in an area with less than 75% whites. Not all whites want to secure their existence

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(((White liberals)))

[–] DuskGrader [S] 1 point 16 points (+17|-1) ago 

Exactly. And we can't vote ourselves out of this anymore than you can vote your way out of a gulag.

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The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. - Thomas Jefferson

[–] Reymrgapurple ago 

because the are uneducated

[–] mediaisfooked ago 

I can't upvote this comment enough.

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Not to mention a minority on planet earth . . .

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And Trump is a kike liar.

That is the truth...

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You're thinking they're still playing by classical Marxist rules.

This is why we use the term Cultural Marxism, where the class-warfare is based on a cultural/social identity paradigm rather than how money flows through the society. It's to the same end though. Removal of the "ruling class" through a performative (manufactured) revolution, then replacing it with a new elite and impossible-to-remove political class via the manipulated consent of the "down trodden", to create a narrative of moral justice having being served in some way. Rather than it being just a naked and obvious totalitarian power grab by infiltrators and genocidal enemies of the people.

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The Jews spread lies about immigrants contributing more to the economy and committing less crime and the left wingers eat it up. Meanwhile, they feed the right bullshit about illegal immigrants being the only issue and that to think otherwise is 'racist'. We really need to figure out a way to wake these people up.

[–] DuskGrader [S] 1 point 9 points (+10|-1) ago  (edited ago)

They're already woken up. They're waiting for the first shot to be fired. And I don't mean seeing something on the news. They are waiting to see it in their neighborhoods. Once they see it, they will automaticaly cluster into militias and start defending their neighborhoods, taking surrounding neighborhoods. That's what this is coming to. The last shred of hope in the voting process has been destroyed by Trump.

When it starts, communications will be shut down. That's your signal. Grab your gun, your blade, whatever. Hide in your house if you're unarmed. The militias will go door to door. If they're White, not Whitish. You can trust them. Make sure it's not a Jew knocking on your door however.

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I don't think the Jews do the knocking! They have their goy boys do it.

[–] ninjajunkie ago 

[–] Doctor14 1 point 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I sure hope you're right. I feel like I'm constantly arguing with people on youtube about this shit. I do see signs that a lot of people are becoming more aware though, and with the bullshit going on recently this is no surprise.

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You would really like the book "The Turner Diaries."

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Funny you should mention that; I was just thinking I should read it earlier today.

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Yes we are called tax slaves. We are cows sheeple tax cows tax sheeple to pay for the genocide rape and replacement of our own people.

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It's simple just stop paying taxes through w2s. It just takes a degree of creativity.

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Taxation without representation... isn't that why you fought against the british? Time for the second war of independence boys! Yeehaa

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Absolutely - and can we talk about the middle class for a second? The "middle class" can't afford college, yet the poor & the rich get college paid for. Can't afford to buy a house, raise a family, etc. The middle class is shrinking and no one is noticing.

[–] DuskGrader [S] 1 point 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Poor White kids don't go to college for free. If they jump through the hoops, the most they get is their books and tuition covered, but nothing for living expenses. So if the university isn't near their parent's house, they can't go without getting a (((loan))) or win the job application lottery which is hedges against them by affirmative action. And if they don't have a parent to rely on for housing, they can't go to university without ringing up at least 20k of debt, which will grow and grow after they get out and can't find a job because companies have to hirer blacks and mexicans first, no exceptions.

This is systematic, and even the poor White kids have virtually no chance of succeeding. For them, getting a house is like winning a state lottery. The chances of getting into a good school, getting a good job, avoiding commiting suicide by the age of 30 are extremely small because our country is dedicating all its resources to blacks, mexicans, and jews.

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Yes, we are uncompensated slaves, particularly since we did not ask to support these illegals or niggers, but are forced to do so by the government.

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