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They also stole most of their uranium from America in the Apollo Affair.

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Didn't they steal the plans too?

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Of course they have nuclear weapons, one of the leading engineers who worked on building thermonuclear bombs for the United States (Edward Teller) later traveled to Israel on multiple occasions.

Israel most likely possesses fully functional thermonuclear weapons (Hydrogen bombs). Conventional fission weapons ("atomic bombs") have an upper yield limit because at a certain point it becomes impractical to increase their yield further. The largest pure fission bomb ever detonated by the United States was Ivy King, using a HEU-235 core which produced a yield of around 500kt (0.5 megaton).

There are some tricks that you can use to further boost blast yields (such as boosted fission), but in general you're not going to get a larger nuke unless you switch to a thermonuclear design.

Edward Teller came up with the idea to use nuclear fusion to massively amplify the blast yield. The problem with nuclear fusion is that it requires unimaginably high temperatures and pressures for it to occur. The only way to achieve such conditions on a workable scale would be to set off a conventional fission bomb (which would simulate the conditions found in the Sun's core for a fraction of second) which would then allow for fusion of Hydrogen isotopes to occur, releasing incredible amounts of energy while also significantly boosting the fission rate of the Uranium.

They called it the Teller-Ulam design, and it allowed for virtually limitless scaling of nuclear blast yields. Weapons could now be built in the megaton range instead of kilotons. The first one they tested (codename Ivy Mike) was around 20 times more powerful than it's pure-fission contemporary Ivy King.

While no country has successfully built functional thermonuclear weapons without first testing them in the atmosphere, modern super-computer technology allows for highly accurate simulations of such explosions, and I have no doubt that the United States has provided this tech for Israel. Using these simulations as well as having the knowledge of the original weapon designers, Israel should be capable of producing their own hydrogen bombs, despite never having ever tested one themselves (though there are some disputes that they tested a single bomb in Africa, if I remember correctly).

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Whew lad... Right on tha money! Don't forget about Antarctica... LOTS of fuckery going on down there.

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Pentagon says 250.

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Yeah, well the Pentagon also says dogs can't look up.

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You've got red on you.

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They can't!

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They've obviously never stood with the fridge door open at night with the family dog in close attendance.

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They are guessing about how many nukes Israel has. I bet very few people in Israel even know.

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I believe the number is 6. 6. 6.

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Or 6 000 000.

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It definitely has something to do the number 6. Kikes are OBSESSED with that number.

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They'd be dead if they knew.

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The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

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I wish voat listed who upvotes and downvotes a post, this would be perfect to see who's the jidf on here.

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Look up Samson Option if you don't keep up on that stuff.

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Russia should nuke those pedos right this instant!

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Vladmir Jewtin nuking Israel. Lol you are funny amerimutt

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