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They could stop it 100% and you'd still be a minority in your own country in under a decade. Try and vote your way out of that. Dumb fucks.

[–] iLuvJews ago 

Yeah, it's time to learn spanish.

Non-spaniard europeans have utterly failed and devolved to let this happen.

Time to accept the reality of the situation.

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing ago  (edited ago)

True soros abd trumpstien would just import niggers sands and curries in mass to america no need for beaners

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It needs to be a negative percentage.

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One is too many.

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This isn't good enough if we want to win 2020. We are going to get fucked hard in Pennsylvania and Michigan when these working class voters just stay home because nothing is getting done.

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We should be kicking out more than sneak in everyday.

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Not good enough. It needs to be negative and the millions that have gotten here over decades need to be removed.

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Explain all these new Guatemalans and Venezuelans who don't even speak Spanish let alone English in my California town.

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This isn’t cynical enough for Voat. It needs to be something like “15% illegal aliens still getting into the US”.

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We aren't Trump supporters here. He still wants to replace us, he just wants to do it legally. Anything short of mass deportations of all non-whites at this late in the game means nothing.

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Nothing I don’t already know, and to the downvoters, I’m not trying to suggest I have a problem with any of it. I’d rather accelerate the influx however and push us faster to civil war 2.0 than keep trying to remove them within the system. The system needs an entire overhaul that only a war/revolution can bring.

[–] GoatyMcGoatface ago 

he just wants to do it legally

I see you've been paying attention