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Neither of them deserve our respect. All those women want is attention, and all the military does is fight for Israel.

People in the past attempted to fight for our freedom but were squashed.

Nobody is fighting for American Freedom now, they're fighting for nothing more than sheckels for Israeli and Saudi Arabian military interests.

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Literally not fighting for our freedom in the slightest.

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While I agree, you can't blame the soldiers for that. They probably honestly believe they are protecting American interests and still deserve some respect. That said, somewhat ironically, both the soldiers and the women are unknowingly promoting Jewish interests.

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Many are using the military as a jobs program. They don’t give a shit besides getting paid. Fuck um.

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I always wanted to be a pilot in the military and I was 15 when 911 happened. By 18 I was super red pilled about 911 and the fact that our country is controlled by freemasons. Therefore I did not join the military. All soldiers need to do their research before joining or else they are pretty much at fault.

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"Ok listen here youngin' , I'm 65 and we need to defeat Bin Laden sonny boy!" Boomers

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Imagine supporting zogbots

Boomers and redditfags need to leave this site now

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As a combat veteran, I agree. The blond worship is awful

[–] My-Name-is-Mud ago 

I have mad respect for the individuals. Nothing more.

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You never served you fucking liar

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Arthritis: flared up

Support for Israel: unconditional

Yep, it's boomer time

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80 upvotes. Voat is boomer central, especially since the Qtards joined

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The US would be an infinitely better place if the US didn't fight wars for kikes, or wars that had little purpose/urgency. For example, in the civil war, the US tried forcefully reclaiming the south which supported (((importing nigger slaves))) unlike the north, which found mass nigger importing useless, which reduced the importing of niggers for a while. They also fought for the basic human right to not get fucked over by government in the Revolutionary war.

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I compete for my local town and country


I fight for Gibsrael

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Boomer bait. They're both good goys sacrificing themselves for something that doesn't matter. When you think about it, the hoax that is "conventional warfare" is eerily similar to sportsball culture. It's an elaborate, ritualized waste of money with no noticeable effects on any long term trend that matters.

Real heroes homeschool 6+ children.

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I fought for shekels and gibs. Not sure what war you are talking about.

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