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Voat is hiding in the manure truck, biding its time.

Non-Twatter mirror: https://magaimg.net/img/8g14.jpg

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literally shitposting

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Thanks Goat, I came here to bitch about a twitter link, holy fucking shit. Ben's site can be directly linked as well and embeds just fine. Some people you just can't reach, @TREDDITFIRST is a serial offender with these fucking twatter links. Come on faggot, please help make Voat more streamline @TREDDITFIRST.

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"Honk honk!"

Yes, I noticed

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I like it. The only accepable label I have heard.

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Hard right.

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even better

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[–] DrShitlord ago 

Neo-reactionary. Or for the faint-hearted: "In the fight of order versus chaos, I'm staunchly on the side of order."

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We'll get even.

They ban us today.

We will ban them.tomorrow.

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too bad all the right wing christ cucks are busy paying their stupidity tax to their churches instead of starting investment funds for alt-tech startups. such is life. enjoy blue america.

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Trump is a kike puppet though, and BG love to fellate him.

[–] RoninCoffeeCat ago  (edited ago)

Believe it or not, ultimately, being silenced and forced off the net will be exactly what we need to tip the scales. Because, only then will people meetup IRL and start planning action.

[–] dorferino ago 

Nice drift by the NRA car.

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