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Except for Israel, of course.

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No Borders? CBP is doing important work against evil.

Philly Cop and Wife killed in murder "suicide" days after 20ton Philly cocaine bust. Do you believe in coincidence??



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Trump doesn't have an "America First" agenda anymore. I mean, he's far better than flat out white genocide, which you get with every single of these Democrats, but Trump needs more than "the other guy sucks" to get the enthusiasm he got in 2016. I'm going to vote for him, but he can't be as disappointing this next 1.5 years as he has been in the past year or he will lose.

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Unless his October surprise is a complete hammer drop on jews and their shabbos in government media and academia I'm not voting for him again.

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Unless he dies or jews choose someone else, he’s guaranteed to win.