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For thee but not for me.

Have you ever met a outspoken liberal that was going to sacrifice anything for their beliefs?

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I've literally heard people call Trump a racist then turn around and scoff at the idea of their neighborhoods browning. That kind of warped thought process is frustratingly common with successful boomers and gen xers.

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Yup. That's pretty much the state of our current clown-world: up is down, with a sprinkle of NIMBY. "Rampant immigration is amazing! Why does everything suck now?"

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So what gen are you?

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Socialism is for the people, not the socialists.

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TPUSA loves to push shit like this, then turn right the fuck around and suck off their kike masters.

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Look at the shoes of the person who preaches environmentalism. If they are made of cheap plastic and artificial materials, call them out on it. Same with polyester shirts.

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You are the muse of my heart: that's literally what I do when people start getting uppity about "minimum wage" and other shit ideas. "Who the fuck do you think made your shoes? Some tradesman with health benefits and a retirement package?"

[–] TopTierCIAShill ago 

honestly it's better to drop like $300 on a pair of good kicks made out of leather with a good year welt that can all be replaced by a decent shoethier (cobbler? shoemaster?)

[–] totallynotFBI ago 

polyester lasts a very long time and as such isn't at all bad for the environment, aside from ocean microplastic

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Yes, yes turn off your AC. Let your house rot from mold and mildew from the inside out. Don't worry the city will be around sooner or later to confiscate your land...

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Rules for thee, not for (((me))).

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I finally broke down and bought a window unit for my dogs sake. I was enjoying the next to nothing power bill but she was getting miserable.

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Window units are great. They are small enough to use propane (if you get one made for it) which is easier to refill and less toxic than other refrigerants.

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A window unit can be pretty cheap if you use it sparingly. I calculated mine at less than $10 a month.

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surely they buy carbon credit offsets!!

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When is that money losing jew rag going to fold? How much CIA money are they given? Like twatter and the wapo they serve a purpose.

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