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You mean they vote for communism for the free gibs

[–] voatuser1128 [S] ago 

Why is why democracy is a mistake. Monarchy is better.

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It's so transparent what Democrats are doing, and so completely wrong.

[–] logos_ethos ago 

Even if they never vote or have kids, they are using their numbers on the census to get more federal funding and political power.

[–] VitGet ago 

Must be a comfortable rock you live under!

[–] BentAxel ago 

Fucking end these traitors.

[–] wig ago 

I think in studies made, models predict that Illegal alien voters, INCLUDING CHINKS and PAJEETS vote democrat over 9 to 1.

Prisoners in prison are 80% democrat or more vs Republican. Hard facts from New Mexico and State of Florida confirm this.

ILLEGALS vote democrat, and its not just hispanic illegal aliens.

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Sub-humans do vote Democrat for sure.