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They’re not wrong. Conservative media is Jewish controlled opposition.

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They're half right. young people need trained.... to discern truth from fabrication, would have been the best thing to say, but we know why they chose the words they did.

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being trained to have an opinion is legit brainwashing

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You mean Education.

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education should teach you facts/ideas/skills but its up to you to form your own opinions, pushing your opinions on others is cunty

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When I was a kid I noticed a pattern that I was constantly targeted by people trying to indoctrinate me into their religious beliefs or ecology beliefs or any belief out there. They thought it was important to get to me before anybody else did because they thought I was a f****** retard. 1 day our super liberal teacher in the fourth grade had some guy she knew come in and talk to us about the rainforest and he went off about how he needed to educate us on the truth before others spread propaganda and dude nearly hit me when I said he was spreading propaganda.

Full grown man lost his shit when a 9 year old kid called him out.

I'm sure he's dead now and if not I like to imagine so

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Today I received #2 of Alt-Hero. Very cool.

There is a movie in the works now, too 👍🤓

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Omar said she believes that the US has “failed to live up to its founding ideals, a place that had disappointed her and so many immigrants, refugees and minorities like her.”

And there still here because.....

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I'm pretty sure when we DO AWAY WITH liberals (God will NOT put up with their lies), they will scream like stuck pigs and little girls.

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