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Give them an inch (Obama) and they take a mile (Omar). And this is how it will be from here on out. We will be outnumbered yet they will still demand minority status.

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Our future is brown people screaming at us for being oppressive. In 100 years the US will be 15% and we will still be the oppressors.

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In 100 years time we will have taken back the country already, or we will be dead.

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If they want reparations, why not look at the people who sold them into slavery? That would be their own people in Africa and Omar's kin, the Islamics. Slaves, in Islam, are the natural spoils of war, after they get done with the conquered women.

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This fucking nigger deserved no reparations from the US because it nor it's ancestors were slaves here. And even if they were—fuck em all. Unfortunately for her, the time she has left in the US is running out. Universe is going to be very, very cruel to these individuals.

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I mean sure, but they were uplifted through the mechanism of slavery. Nothing was taken from them, compared to the standard of living they had in Africa. Not defending or promoting slavery. We are all born equal under god. It did however have a net positive effect on American blacks.

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Because niggers are poor so there isn't anything to get.

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Fuck that cuckservative shit. I hate America, too. The difference between me and Omar is why we hate America. She hates it because she thinks it’s too white and christian, I hate it because it’s not white and christian enough. I guess we’ll have to look at the evidence from, say, every single country on earth, to see which is better.

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I don't Hate America, but I do hate ZOG, which is in control of America.

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What part of America isn’t ZOG? The people? The institutions? The government?

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If you hate America that means you have no desire to fix it or improve. In that case, get the fuck out faggot.

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Agreed. Young people need to see strong Christian men having families not fags who whine about hating America online

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Whites are already a minority under-15. America is done for. Next Democrat will open borders and give citizenship to illegals. Better start looking for another way.

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America was founded by freemasons on (((enlightenment values))) and has been ground zero for almost all of ZOG's control. They fought on the wrong side of both world wars, and currently fellate jews to a comical degree. If you are an american patriot you aren't a national socialist. If you aren't a national socialist you're a kike slave wearing slightly different fetters than "le libtards xD." You should only identify with your face, and should have a singular goal in strengthening your race, in whatever post-nation political apparatus they may be in. For aryans to prosper, America has to die.

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Christianity is dead, its current form is too mild to exist in the face of the hostility of jews and muslims. No tears though, it wasn't anything more than a way to control people with lies.

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I don’t disagree.

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Someone is apparrantly not familiar with non-western Christianity or Evangelical revivals that have occurred in the west in the past. Christianity is about to undergo a great tempering.

[–] Silencedmajor ago 

Christianty is too mild in its current Western forms. That won't be the form that resurfaces and kicks off like a million pissed of Jesus' kicking the shit out of temple lenders.

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Go away kike.

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Send her back to the lovely place she came from

or alaska

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Alaska is nice. It would be nicer without more niggers.

[–] privacy_first ago 

Yes, the idea is that they will find it unpleasant and decide to go to a more suitable land on their own...


What do you suggest ?

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Use helicopters

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She can try to fix her own country before claiming she can fix America.

Germans/Koreans/Japanese bounced back from war and poverty.

They should be running America.

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We likely won't be able to vote her out, since her District is little Somalia.

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The vote ratios on the comment give me hope this nigger will be dealt with eventually.

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Stupid ungrateful cuck Omar belongs in jail or worse!!!

[–] TekJax ago 

Eve ate the first apple and we gave women the right to vote?

[–] Pwning4Ever ago 

I can't believe these 3rd worlders come to this country then call us backwards.

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She deserves to be in the ground in Somalia

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Omar married her brother. She hates America so much that she decided to help her brother commit immigration fraud so he could stay.

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