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I passed through SF about 2 months ago and the place is lost. Asians for the most part but I got the feeling they weren’t interested in assimilating and preferred to live like they did wherever they came from. Some of the weirdest zoning I’ve ever seen such as a strip club and a school within half a block but on opposite sides of the street. The whites I did see were liberal by the looks of them. So many faggots.

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I still don't understand why USA got rid of segregation because segregation makes sense.

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Would you want to assimilate with that?

The only path to recovery now probably is Asian - let them buy up the whole city, and watch as they’re infinitely less charitable to the homeless.

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Asians are retarded bugpeople who love communism. If you think they will save anything you aren't paying attention.

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The asians need to go as well, they don't belong there.

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Just remove the hispanics. Ez. Of course they wont. They prefer their easily controllabel jungle

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Just remove the hispanics all leftists

I know, it goes beyond the stated scope...

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Remove everyone but the patriotic nationalistic white people with an iq over 90.]

Also the joos.

[–] Schreiber ago  (edited ago)

Biden probably just wanna fuck some prepubescent latinas.

[–] BlackSheepBrouhaha ago 

The Hispanics run the restaurants and live like rats stacked 20 to an apartment.

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removes Niggers, Spics, faggots and Jews and suddenly the IQ would jump right back to 100

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Don't forget the asians, the average asian is no rocket scientist, contrary to fake stats.

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100 is still pretty low, but yes.

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Averages and all are funny like that.

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The overall IQ of any given area can be improved with a concerted effort, of all parties, to reestablish a homogeneous nucleus as it's basis.

In the case of San Francisco and other parts of the country, that will involve the forcible removal of wetbacks. These american niggers are the remnants of a failed civilization that spanned the north and south american continents. Indians. Indians that didn't know they were defeated. Apocalypto.

Hey spics.... you know what a wheel is? Ever hear of steam as a source of power? Invade all you want. We can track you from your little shithole in Chiapas where you were born to the last Big Mac you sucked down your throat. Fuck you, Geronimo. We're coming for you, esé.

edit: had to get Apocalypto in there.

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A little nuance here. First, Asians have the highest IQ but most of their countries are still cucked by oppressive socialist/communist dictators regardless, and all vote left in the US. So it's not as straightforward as IQ. Second, intelligence is not immutable (as proof that it has, or had, been steadily increasing in the United States). Third, many South American countries are quite conservative. Consider this, we are getting a lot of the worst from SA countries and even then, anywhere from 40-50 percent support the GOP currently.

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They might support the GOP, non white conservatives are the minority, and the majority of non white conservatives vote Democrat in favor of their racial nationalism

[–] Schreiber ago  (edited ago)

are still cucked by oppressive socialist/communist dictators regardless

Are you clueless or what?

Do you know how oppressive socialist dictator regime is even like?

Getting your life ruined for saying "there is only 2 genders" is only a thing in "western nations." There is nowhere more oppressive for conservatives other than the west.

You can totally bash fags, niggers and muslims just fine in China and you will be arrested for doing so in the west and people say the west have more "freedom of speech." Some of you cunts are so deluded and unaware that white nations have been taken over by the orwellian left deep state.

Heck, there's only at most 1 forbidden speech (if there's any) in all countries outside of the western sphere, which is criticizing the government. In the west there's a LOT of shit that is "hate speech" it's almost like a joke. Oh, and it's not like you can criticize the ZOG either because it's "anti-semitic." The only thing you can do is criticize the goyim puppets calling themselves "president."

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Operation Wetback 2: The Wetbackening


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Asians are high IQ when it comes to basic rote memorization, low IQ with critical thinking.

They are retarded bugs and they are no better than spics or kikes or niggers. They vote for communism every place they go.

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San Fransisco suffers from other peculiar maladies than this specific one. I think LA and points southward are more applicable.

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San Francisco definitely has something else going on.

The racial breakdown in San Francisco looks more or less as follows: half white, one third yellow, fifteen percent hispanic, 5 percent black and five percent mixed.

The higher IQ races appear in greater proportions in San Francisco than in California as a whole, while lower IQ races appear in lower proportions than in California as a whole.

To restore San Francisco you'll need some stern folk to invade the place, secure a perimeter, and pacify the savages. In other words, recolonization.

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SF was one of the nicest cities even with its leftard slant. Clean & beautiful to walk; I enjoyed it many times while there on business or voluntary travel. Last time there was 2004 and it seems impossible that it could decline so much and yet it has.

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how does it recover?


form right-wing death squads

eliminate all communists

eliminate all foreigners

eliminate everybody who objects to the elimination of communists and foreigners

you see? it's easier than easy.

killing thieves and foreigners is what our ancestors have been doing routinely for hundreds and thousands of years


modern conservatives cant IMAGINE killing people. theyve gotten so used to peaceful easy living that they cant recognize when its time for war

theyve allowed their women so much influence that the core fabric of society has been feminized

helping and saving lives and charity and social this social that and feminine weakness has become like a religion for them

theyve redefined their complete identity around various forms of weakness

being weak is now "who we are"

[–] stbelmont ago 

I'm sure some left-wing death squads would love to kill some white people/Nazis, and they'd get a lot of (((corporate/tech/media)) support-- guns, ammo, police state favor.

[–] WhiteChickens ago 

modern conservatives cant IMAGINE killing people. theyve gotten so used to peaceful easy living that they cant recognize when its time for war

Yeah, the remaining whites are mostly soft headed little faggots, that's the real problem.

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holy shit since when was molyneux so fucking based

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Molyneux does not outright name the jew, but he waggles his eyebrows and coughs loudly every time they're involved.

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This last week or two he either lost his job or he's ready to.

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He did this last week. Guy is killing it, must know he’s about to get banned.

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He doesn't name the jew but every time someone mentions one, a bunch of parentheses fall out of his keyboard

[–] Tallest_Skil ago 

He’s been naming the jew in the last month or so.

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Accurate and to the point. The sooner California falls off into the ocean, the better.

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If only we could get rid of all the people ... just sort of wash it clean ... I don't know, maybe by some sort of Great Flood ... just an idea.

[–] stbelmont ago 

California has agriculture, beaches, and mountains. It mustn't just be given away. It may take another state getting its act together to serve as inspiration.

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