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It's almost as if (((somebody))) took a dump in the gene pool

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It's almost as if (((somebody))) is overwhelming the existing population with lower IQ subhumans.

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Could be because of the great replacement. I saw a video on jewtube discussing the great replacement yesterday and they had one of those information placards placed in the video. Apparently the great replacement is a far right antisemitic conspiracy theory. Oh boy do those jews know how to hold a lie. It's funny since most would read that article and understand that it was all just a flat out lie. If you live in any urban area you can see what is happening. Never forget what was stolen from us.

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Only 4?

This decade will be more like 40.

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They actually meant standard deviations.

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How are National average IQs determined?

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Hard science papers. If you take the few established IQ tests and test enough RANDOM participants (paying them) and compile results and publish a paper, the paper is peer reviewed and contracted to others. A Mean is created.

Look at bottom of this list of IQ from composited science paper research :


Sri Lanka - 79 IQ !!!
Zambia - 79
Democratic Republic of the Congo - 78
Nepal - 78
Qatar - 78
Comoros - 77
South Africa - 77
Cape Verde - 76
Congo - 76
Mauritania - 76
Senegal - 76
Mali - 74
Namibia - 74
Ghana - 73
Tanzania - 72
Central African Republic - 71
Jamaica - 71
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 71
Sudan - 71
Antigua and Barbuda - 70
Benin - 70
Botswana - 70
Rwanda - 70
Togo - 70
Burundi - 69
Cote d'Ivoire - 69
Ethiopia - 69
Malawi - 69
Niger - 69
Angola - 68
Burkina Faso - 68
Chad - 68
Djibouti - 68
Somalia - 68
Swaziland - 68
Dominica - 67
Guinea - 67
Guinea-Bissau - 67
Haiti - 67
Lesotho - 67
Liberia - 67
Saint Kitts and Nevis - 67
Sao Tome and Principe - 67
The Gambia - 66
Cameroon - 64
Gabon - 64
Mozambique - 64
Saint Lucia - 62
Equatorial Guinea - 59 IQ !!!

The smartest countries all have the least brown or black skins.

Brown? Yes. Look at all the many countless science papers on IQ of Puerto Rico (dragging down US average IQ) :

Almost every non african country has smarter genetic IQ than those in Puerto Rico.

Its a socialist welfare hell hole.

No one knows how the IQ on Puerto Rico got so low, but brain drain for 100 years is a factor, but in 1936 it was already 84 IQ :


The median of 30 studies gives us an IQ of 84.7 for Puerto Rican Americans!!!

A country needs IQ above 90 to have a functioning society and democracy.

THIRTY science paper PDFs in the links. Anyone denying these 30 rigorous studies has too much "hispanic on the brain".

Follow the links to the published SCIENCE PAPERS I provide below to meta-studies of 30 studies on low IQ of the Puerto Ricans, and links to the papers clearly mentioned :


It has a table of all the science papers on the mysterious low IQ of Puerto Ricans.

Links to the science papers PDFs on astoundingly low Puerto Rican IQ :

1934 - IQ 81.5 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1930-vincenty.pdf

1954 - IQ 86.5 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1955-roca.pdf

1962 - IQ 82.5 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1965-labor-dept-gatb-norms.pdf (from us gov)

1965 - IQ 85 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1966-manuel-iat.pdf

1965 - IQ 83.1 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1967-green-wais.pdf

1971 - IQ 77.4 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1972-maier-actb.pdf

1975 - IQ 83.8 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1976-fuertes-wisc.pdf

1977 - IQ 80.6 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1977-kahn-rpm-norms.pdf

1976 - IQ 69 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1982-shellenberger.pdf

1982- IQ 82.6 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1986-dunn-tvip.pdf

1986 - IQ 86 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1988-rossello-damwisc.pdf

1988 - IQ 90.6 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/1993-colon-wais.pdf

2001 - IQ 82.7 - http://humanvarietiesfiles.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/2007-paez-woodcock.pdf (GOV NIH)

TL;DR : National IQs are very very carefully tabulated by scientists over time to track effects on vitamins, minerals, nutrition, and breeding patterns.

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(((Statisticians))), perhaps?

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Fucking Magic

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Is this corrected for the Flynn effect I wonder. If not then the real fall is closer to 20 points

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The Flynn effect stopped some years ago, since then the IQ is falling in most white countries.

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I searched this and found that Diversity Macht Frei's site "has been archived or suspended in accordance with our Terms of Service."  asshole wordpress.

HA!...even the science paper they use as the source states that "Dysgenics and replacement migration are proposed as causes" as well as the "Jensen effect," which is the Black-White IQ difference.

At least not all scientists are denying reality.

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Perhaps, but those scientists are not getting any grants these days. Control. But, we need to break that control. How? I know not.

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How? Violence is the only answer. The issue is getting everybody on the same page.

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We need money, we need massive donor orgs like our opponents have, so we can sponsor research and give those scientists who are on our side a fighting chance.

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Holy shit. That Jensen Effect shit hurt my brain. Translated, they are trying to say that the tests are inaccurate if they have a racial difference. They use the term g-loading with the letter g representing the racial difference in a test. They believe that the tests are imperfect and are testing intelligence rather than general cognitive ability.

The reality is simpler. Niggers are stupid. Jews are smart.

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Maybe, but the average IQ of the French race has not.

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I disagree since they are so many coal burners out there.

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we're not talking about them.

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The half-French are not French.

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A negative Flynn Effect in France, 1999 to 2008–9 Edward Dutton, Richard Lynn

For anyone that wants to search for and read the whole thing.

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And this found on Wiki:

"Research suggests that there is an ongoing reversed Flynn effect, i.e. a decline in IQ scores, in Norway, Denmark, Australia, Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, France and German-speaking countries, a development which appears to have started in the 1990s."

Look at all those White countries getting dumbed down. Amazing cohencidence.

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This reminds me of that newspaper headline where the truth is so obvious that you can't help but wonder if even the liberal filth writing the story can make the connection.

Local Officials Encouraged By Average SAT Scores Going Up - Still have concern about falling African American participation in the test

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My guess is a lot of those stories are written by some of the few honest white male journalists left who are on their way out. Maybe they got a few offers in another field they were applying to and they're dropping a few ambiguous redpills on their way out the door. No way a liberal would actually include the second clause in your example, they would lie by omission.

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"The results of the French WAIS III (1999) and the French WAIS IV (2008–9) are compared based on a sample of 79 subjects aged between 30 years and 63 years who took both tests in 2008–2009. It is shown that between 1999 and 2008–9 the French Full Scale IQ declined by 3.8 points."

It tested the same 79 people ten years apart. Not a different larger group whose composition changed during that time. So the proposed mechanism of the meme couldn't be responsible.

We can't see the rest of the article, so we can't say more, but at the moment it looks like the meme (while likely reflective of the larger reality in France) doesn't actually reflect this study specifically.

There are other interesting links in the comments here that point to other sources of evidence that seem like they might support the meme. But the abstract for the URL in the meme itself doesn't appear to.

We need to keep our arguments strong. When we promote weak arguments, it makes it easier for the opposition to point to those weak arguments and misrepresent them as our best arguments and use them as straw men to discredit us.

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