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Sex maniac.

Like father, like son.

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Ironically, the Bidens are the type of family that libtard Democrats look to get rid of. Yet, he's the current front runner destined to lose to Trump.

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Your'e going to be real disappointed when he loses because all these illegals vote.

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His son married Melissa Cohen. Cohen is a Jewish surname.

In order for whites to be supported by the Jews, their children/grandchildren must be Jewish. Their lineage, decedents, bloodline must become Jewish.

Hillary Clinton's only child Chelsea married a Jew. So all her grandkids are Jewish. Trump's daughter Ivanka is married to a Jew, and had kids. Don Jr. was married to a Jew, and had kids.

And now Biden's lineage, decedents, bloodline will be Jewish too.

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I thought Judaism was matrilineal?

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Yes, their holy books do say that. But in today's day and age do they accept those that come from the father's side? 100% yes.

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i thought with the jews that the jewdom was inherited from the mother, so Chesea Pukeface Clinton's kids will not be jews unless she is

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It doesn't have to make sense when you have Schizophrenia, which 99% of politicians do.

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I wonder if this deluded coked up fool thinks he can clean up his timeline by dumping his brother's wife and marrying someone else so he can run for office.

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They're pure evil.

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Hunter is bedding all that he covets before the hammer drops.

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Top kek

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Confusing timeline... So there was blatant cheating going on?

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"Hunter Biden tied the knot on May 16 with a South African woman named Melissa Cohen" "woman named Melissa Cohen" "Melissa (((Cohen)))"

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