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It's not bias against white men so much as it is preferential treatment for any self declared person of potential victim status./s I think they should win, hope they win, but skeptical that they will find justice. I remember believeing we were all equal under the law.

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This is San Francisco. They won't win. It's a good first step though.

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I think they know they won't get justice from an SF court. They're probably in it for the long haul and a visit to the Supreme Court.

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Appeal it up to the Supreme Court, that's what Unions are good for. Lawyering up to SC costs about $1.5M

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self declared person of potential victim status

Exactly this. The solution will be to suddenly promote a bunch of faggots. They may be white, but if they bugger each other, they qualify.

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Not so much

The other plaintiff is a retired sergeant who contends she was passed over for promotion to lieutenant because she is a white lesbian.

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Listen motherfuckers. Things are about to get alot worse for whitey. We aint seen shit yet. WW3 is here in full swing.

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You know it maan. No reason not to begin asserting today, than waiting for the 'martial law' memes to take effect ...

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At this point I just want an actual WW3 to begin.

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Do not wake the Saxon

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Quash that. Need to start Waking the muthrfckers right now ...

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Goddamn right

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Sad Philadelphian here. I saw a bumper sticker on the fringes of the city stating "VOTE SAXON." That was the highlight of my day.

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Vote Saxon or the Jews take root.

Now that is a bumper I’d purchase

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Good luck, but given the state of California judges, I don't see it getting anywhere until at least the appeals court level.

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Heh, good luck with that, little piggies. Lay down with the poz, wake up with the hiv. Throw down your guns and badges, traitors.

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Yah, I wanna have some sympathy for cops I really do.

But between them just rolling along with the drug war. Which really is pathetic but there is a leg to stand on at least if albeit a idiotic one.

But pretty much any police in the world...hell, city guards of all time. As long as they are getting paid what they ask to get paid and it looks like nothing is going to disrupt that payment any time soon. They serve whatever master is paying them.

You can take a look at yellow vest movements in Europe. At the start the police where on their side. But then the police (((Union))) get overtime rules changed, so they can get paid ridiculous amounts of money during that time frame. And all of a sudden rubber bullets start flying. If not real ones.

Any fight for REAL change is going to have to go through and over the police. Not side by side with them. BEST cast scenario they just step aside. You can never trust them enough to know what the plan is. How do you know when a politician is lying? When his mouth is moving. How do you know when a cop is lying? When he tell you he's your friend.

And believe me if the money has run out to pay the dogs of war. Police/Military then the populous has been starving for quite some time.

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When any Judas (Judaic ???, aha) cop or politician talks about individual's or the greater public doing "the right thing". Do the opposite. F@#k them right in the pussy ....

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It would be useful if they won, but I only have so much pity for the people who have blindly enforce the multicultural agenda for so long waking up to the fact that it affects them too.

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Diversity doesn’t work. Leads to disunity and weakness. Niggers and spics add nothing to our society. Don’t believe the kike propaganda.

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Diversity is their greatest strength.

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Well duh. Everything in SF is like that. And cops barely enforce any law. They're told to stand down all the time. You can literally go through red in front of them. I've seen it countless times.

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Well, results always speak for themselves

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