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3 niggers beat the owner while he was on the ground after he caught them stealing. Then the college provoked a protest that nearly put a business over 100 years old out of business. Quadruple it!

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Jesus, they beat him? None of the stories I read reported that, only that they smashed the merch and ran. Do you have a reliable source for the beating?

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You expect less from a nigger?

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2nd paragraph of this article

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Dindu nuffin, bix nood n' sheeet!

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And the fucksticks at the university decided to send out a mass email talking shit about the jurors in the case BEFORE they had decided the amount of punitive damages! Genius!

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Isn't that jury-tampering?

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Just when you thought niggers couldnt get any stupider!

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The correct answer is "yes".

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It should be. The college has more than enough money, and organized students, staff, and local citizens against the bakery. If the hammer doesn't come down HARD, then it will set a precedent of treating people poorly to advertise your college. "We'll spend X money making our college/university appeal to "progressives" through a lawsuit. They'll hear about us, the monetary hit won't be bad, and we'll make up the money by charging more from tuition because so many people are applying after they heard that we're leading the charge against the Nazis!"

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I'll be waiting to hear in the news someday that Oberlin College enrollment is down and they are cutting programs.

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lol, they will just ramp up tuition and room and board costs to recoup it. Supply and demand curves are all sorts fucked up for colleges because student loans mean unlimited demand with limited supply.

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I've only served on a jury once but one person can be a holdout. I hope one person stands up and triples it.

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In civil cases, it doesn't require a full consensus of the jury. On the case I was a jury member, it only required a 5/8 majority. And that was the most boring case you could possibly imagine. A bad contractor vs some old couple with insane expectations. It was really difficult to figure out who the bad guy was in that case, because it was so fucking boring and both sides were obnoxious.

If we had to have an 8/8 for a ruling on that case, we would still be deliberating.

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I had a punitive case where the state injured a woman and they already lost the case to get out of it. The state was clearly in the wrong and their lawyer was a condescending asshole. I made sure that woman got as much money as possible.

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The problem here though is that it is just money.

The school needs to suffer a penalty far worse if the lesson is to stick. Not sure what, though.

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Tack on a 2 year prohibition from eligibility to accept tuition payments from the department of education. No student loans can be used to go to that school for 2 years. That would hurt. Big time. In fact, today, that would shut down most any university. Well, they might be able to get by on their endowment, but they wouldn't be teaching any classes and their revenue would plummet. A lot of teachers would get the boot. Ideally, useless departments like the liberal arts.

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Oberlin has a handful of technical programs, but they're overshadowed by the larger OSU in Columbus.

Killing their liberal arts programs would pretty much shut them down.

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It's double. They can double the verdict in punitive damages to 22 million. This is then added to the original amount bringing it to a possible 33.

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Considering the college slandered the jury yesterday they better have

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