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And decreased for whites. Probably because legalizing sodomy in Botswana and giving the Golan heights to Israel while illegals continue to pour into the US isn't what white America wants

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Too bad he can't do anything about the racial attacks by blacks against whites. Good thing he's got those black votes though amerite.

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Yeah, all five of 'em.

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Awesome, don't care- Whites elected Trump. He should be acting in our interests. He's not.

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Fuck niggers

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Doesn't give a flying fuck about the whites who voted for him.

Acts like we never existed.

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Ahh, the true puppet

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His DIS-approval among blacks is 80%. Only an idiot like a Trump supporter can see "good news" in that.

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Tbh it’s pretty high for a republican, not to mention a “racist” one.