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Hahaha I was banned from commenting from the GWP for saying the Holocost didnt happen. Eat shit GWP.

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"wendy dong" ITS FUCKING ALWAYS WOMEN, women are subverted, we need to take away their rights again. All of us. ALL OF US.

they can not be trusted, sneaky little piece of shit cunts.

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The list of leftist dirty tricks is growing.

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Lying to get their way? It's same trick as always. Their book of tricks has 6 gorillion pages with the same thing written in each page: "just make some shit up".

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Gateway Faggots ban anyone who mentions kikes or their kike ways. Glad to see them making upset click bait articles.

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Fuck you niggerfaggot, yes they ban kikeposting but their actual News stories are better than 99% of the other sites out there. If you want a site that has gone full-on controlled oppo then go back to the Daily Stormer. Anglin sold out big time (and disappointed me in the process).

Yes, GP isn't perfect but like all things in life you have to take the good with the bad... or go live in a cave somewhere.

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Ive never used pintrest anyway