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The threat is implicit: either admit that the man in a dress is a woman, or we will take away your job, take away your respectability in the community, send CPS after your children, and otherwise destroy your life.

Excellent read and analysis.

I would say that pushing transgenderism has a secondary effect as well: to get right-wing people to not care about the society or people they live around. This is the nihilistic worldview that people sometimes mistake "clownworld" to mean. If you are surrounded by homosexuals, trannies, child abusers, and people who enable them, you might stop caring about the Jews controlling your surroundings, and think that everyone who lives in it deserve this hellworld because they encourage it and do nothing to stop it.

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everyone who lives in it deserve this hellworld because they encourage it and do nothing to stop it.

Then what, you're expecting a divine intervention or something?

It's funny when people say shit like they wanna get rid of jews but do nothing but sit in their ass whining about jews anonymously online.

Today nazis have achieved absolutely nothing and has 0 power in every country political scene exactly because of this reason. Meanwhile, the neocon, the zionist right, the donald, the liberal, the far left, the socialists, the libertarians, or every other political ideology adherents are actually doing concrete stuff irl which is why they have some kind of influence in real life politics.

Hitler was the last nazi who actually achieve something in real life.

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That would be the center valued NPC. Upset the degeneracy has pushed the boundaries and helpless to do anything about it. That's the humiliation manifest. Only misanthropes believe others deserve to live in thier man made hell. Being indifferent is the same as passive encouragement.

I will not be humiliated into passivity.

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Additional additional reading Pink Washed Imperialism: Queering the World for Capital


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(((Communism))) was the greatest killer of Christians in the history of the world. https://magaimg.net/img/7ntp.jpg https://magaimg.net/img/7w3b.jpg

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Or more succinctly, Judaism is the greatest killer of Christians in the history of. The world. Jews allowed Ottomans into Europe to attack, kill, and enslave Europeans.

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Fair distinction

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Cultural Marxism was something fostered and nurtured by the USA, not the USSR. Skip to the part about Denazification if you want the quick redpill. https://archive.schillerinstitute.com/fid_91-96/921_frankfurt.html

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Readers have undoubtedly heard one or another horror story about how an African-American Studies Department has procured a ban on Othello, because it is "racist," or how a radical feminist professor lectured a Modern Language Association meeting on the witches as the "true heroines" of Macbeth. These atrocities occur because the perpetrators are able to plausibly demonstrate, in the tradition of Benjamin and Adorno, that Shakespeare's intent is irrelevant; what is important, is the racist or phallocentric "subtext" of which Shakespeare was unconscious when he wrote.

Damn, how far down the slippery slope we've gone...

Edit, more reading:

Christ, the spirit become flesh, is the deified sorcerer. Man's self-reflection in the absolute, the humanization of God by Christ, is the proton pseudos [original falsehood]. Progress beyond Judaism is coupled with the assumption that the man Jesus has become God. The reflective aspect of Christianity, the intellectualization of magic, is the root of evil.


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This is exactly what the Polish people remember from their not so distant past. They have been standing strong against this bullshit for good reason.

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That must be why they elected 2 jewess first lady in a row right?

Ooops, inconvenient facts that doesn't match the narrative...

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Remind me where they specifically voted for their "first lady". Did the ballots even have the names of these first ladies on them?

Ooops, inconvenient facts that doesn't match the narrative...

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Wow. That hit the nail on the head

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Communism and socialism (=communism light) are collectivist systems and once in power they become totalitarian. The individual is always the victim of this system, for if he does not blindly follow the party line, that means if he doesn't give up his freedom to act, he will be ruthlessly eliminated.

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All government systems are inherently collectivist

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There are a lot of layers to the Communist Manifesto but there is really only one line anyone should focus on 'dictatorship of the proletariat'

A lot of people believe this means that all land ownership, means of production, natural resources, etc will be taken away from the aristocracy and divided up by the people or the common masses. This will be done by the government, which is allegedly by the people during one of the final transitioning phases from Capitalism to total Communism.

If you analyze that it means that one central government literally takes over everything. It takes over all land, highways, railroads, farms, buildings, plants and factories. All of these things previously were possessed by private owners, religious institutions, businesses, mega corporations, state governments, local governments and even non-profits. Now all of that is going to be taken and ran from one central place, one central power entity. It is easy to see how no matter how much wealth and power were previously consolidated that this is only going to make that consolidation worse. There is no way that doing such a thing could ever re-distribute wealth into more hands. We can also very easily and logically conclude that a small group within the government must control all of these assets, spread across massive distances, numerous, complex and of enormous financial value. There is no other way. You're not going to have local citizens make that decision. Even if there is a process where local governments decide what to do with their own farms, factories, etc that process must be pushed down from the top. First everything has to be acquired. Once it's acquired, since it's a total destruction, redistribution and re-birth of an economy it must be re-distributed. This inevitably leads to one central government controlling literally everything, making wealth consolidation worse than it ever was before and the people are supposed to trust that this entity, now as powerful as any single entity ever could be, is going to hand that power back over to the people.

Obviously, this never happens. It will never happen. While there are some good and solid ideas in the world people label as "Communism," ideas that have worked before, most of those were stolen from earlier Unitarian and Populist politicians and authors. The heart of Communism is oligarchy and dictatorship. Communism was literally drawn up by rich Americans and internationalists and was designed from the beginning to be a road back to feudalism.

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Splitting shit up like that is absolutely fucking retarded. Why? Because the stuff you take has no value to the people you give it to. Lets say you take a factory from an owner and give it to the workers or split it between everyone. Will the owner want to cooperate with the new owners, fuck naw. He's going to sabotage the shit out of it and move to a country that isn't fucked up and start over asap because communism never works. It's just a ploy to sabotage the goyim so Israel because #1 eventually.

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Exactly. There are 100 other reasons it doesn't work too.

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The author of the quote is Jewish, btw. As are some of the other great critics of communism. Though communism is itself a Jewish invention.

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Well, here's how it works.

Sometimes a jew can speak the truth, but goyim never listens.

Goyim prefers to listen when the jews lie instead.

It had to do with "feelings" and shit.

If a jew speak about white genocide in south africa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kLgJjl7SKs will a libtard goyim listen? Obviously not. But when jews speak about leftist bullshit then they all be a good drone npc and listen.

The problem with leftist commies is that they are so deranged. Member how they called someone like Juden Peterson as NAZI? FFS this guy is a jew firster, how the fuck can he be a nazi? Or even say, Lauren Simonsen who's a jew... didn't the left call her nazi? Or even Trump, the Israeli firster, being called nazi.

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