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If you actually listened to the lyrics for what passes for 'music' nowadays,you would go instrumental too

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Fuk dat nigguh, fuk dat bissh, I gat a dacta to fix aww muh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

-multi platinum selling artist “Skeet Slanga”

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And the lyrics aren't hate speech...

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Some solid bars bruh.

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Oh shit too many people be sleeping on my boi skeet slanga. Thanks for the shout out

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I go surf music. Surfaries. The Ventures. The Shadows. Link Wrey. Dick Dale. It's far out, man.

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Yesterday was Ventures day for me. Love their sound.

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Nice! Thanks for the tip

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you like dick? How much dick can you take before you’ve gotta call it quits? Can you take dick all day?

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Nigga nigga titties bitches hos

Kosher content, goy. Share it with your frens.

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Go instrumental before you go postal. Otoh, warum nicht beides, Hanz?

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Everyone who does not subject themselves to their propaganda is a threat.

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What's wrong, m8? The joy joy sounds of Cardi B aren't enough for you here at the Amazon Warehouse family? Looks like you need some cultural re-alignment classes down the hall with HR.

Did you just assume my species?

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Why would you be surprised? They demonitized a nature sound channel

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I know we like to think that Alphabet/Google has all of the money in the world so they can afford to run YouTube at a loss, but maybe we're actually starting to see the effects of the insolvent model they've built. There are just too many mouths to feed for content, so they're getting rid of the ones they don't like.

Ironically this is going to spiral out of control for them, since they're going to generate less revenue by reducing viewership and having fewer unique content providers... basically this seems like the death march for YouTube. Certainly we can say its best years are behind it.

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It's starting to become TV 2.0.

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You tube probably only loses 500million a year. Which to any business besides Alphabet would be devastating. To them Paying one half of one percent of your revenue to dominate online video is a small price to pay.

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Not to mention their censorship directly creates more users for their competition.

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Hopefully let's plays and titty gamers are the next on the block.

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They dont want people to know what life should be like I guess.

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I usually listen to epic video game tracks, or epic music compilations, or sometimes the soundtrack to that lasers King Arthur movie. All that stuff can really motivate a person - especially when trapped in a ‘modern’ open-office.

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Try the Xurious and Cybernazi archive I've made. I want as many people to have a copy as possible.

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Are those all Xurious's tracks currently released?

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Try the Nier OST. It's an acquired taste, but it sets the scene better than anything else in the game. Bleak, off-putting, tragic, but still somehow beautiful and hopeful.

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God of War III soundtrack is right up your alley

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Peter Jackson did okay on the LoTR movies. I kind of like how he compressed all of the important Bombadil stuff into Treebeard. It made sense for a movie. I don't like how they removed the scouring of the Shire. It was an important point of the theme of the story that even the Shire is touched by evil.

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They can pry Right Wing Death Squads from my cold dead hands.

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Think you mean left wing censorship squad my nigger

But seriously xurious and obnx are the shit. Theyll never be able to take that from js

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Cybernazi has a song called right wing death squads that's probably caught up in this purge as well if have to guess.

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Follow them on bitchute and gab. Also they need to find some way to let me pay them money, I want to support this band.

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Gab which deplatformed Patrick Little?

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Because their host threatened to take the entire site down if they didn't and they still aren't anywhere near as bad as facebook or twitter. But let me know if you know of anyone better.

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Yeah but they only ban you for 10% of what (((Facebook))) bans you for.

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This is why I refuse to use any of the music streaming services. They remove any music that is a threat to their message. Hell, even Discogs (which catalogues music releases) has blocked the sale of "hate music" on it's user marketplace.

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Remember mp3.com, before it got bought and buried?

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bought and buried
kiked and shoah'd

iTunes was designed to jew up music sales as much as possible. Unsettling success from the outset.

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This guy's stuff is on spotify for the moment

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Herding of the goyim into two well-defined pens continues apace. Anything to keep your attention off of (((them))) where it needs to be.

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Also be aware that the (((Levite))) sub-faction, originially threw the Semite subfaction under the bus as a sacrificial shield.

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