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stop abusing the term fascism please. If anything, it's bolsjevism putting in practice cultural marxist theory.

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It's "I know you are, but what am I?". The leftists started calling all rightwingers fascists during the election, so of course it became a joke to call them it back.

It's something that five year olds do, But somehow it's also the modern conservatives go-to action.

It never gets any less disappointing to see. Hell, the leftys hate the american flag too, so why not accuse them of loving that as well? Wouldn't the best insult for a leftist be to call them an america-lover or something?

They did it all on purpose to make it more difficult spread the truth by reinforcing the idea that nazis are leftists

It worked flawlessly and convinced hordes of MAGA-normies into thinking that anyone against leftists is paradoxically a leftist themselves. Hell, listening to any of them talk and you'd think that their whole argument is "No, WERE the real leftists! those other ones are just fakers who are the REAL racists!!!"

Thinking on it further, is this similar to what happened in american politics years ago when the republicans and democrats 'swapped'? Was stupid shit like this the catalyst for that massive shift as well?

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I think it's a play on 'National Socialism and Communism are both left-wing ideologies'. They're not of course. It all started when 'socialism' got perverted in the 1910-1920s, something Hitler resisted and wanted to reclaim the word socialism. A modern-day version would be 'capitalism with a human face' with the addition of blocking the jew from subverting it through usury.

And regarding the Dem-Rep swap in the fifties, that's just liberal infantile behavior, instead of accepting their 'big tent' had very opposing views in it, the left wing simply threw the toys out of the pram and dissociated with that reality and calling the dixiecrats republicans from that point on, something they have kept doing as they became more and more unhinged. Remember, liberals only care about winning and they are capable of living in an entirely parallel universe if that makes them feel as if they are winning. The big challenge for the US is now, that the parallel universe is getting just as big as the real universe.

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Ergo, faggots are fascist. Clearly that follows.

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ha nice one I never thought of that. Feeling closer to NatSoc, I can live with that.

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Gotta use their words against them

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Fascism is our word.

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first the jew, without the jew the homos will run into the closet knowing noone will defend their degeneracy.

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Or more appropriately, to the gas chambers.

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A closet with spikes this time.

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They really do need to be put down for the same reason we put down rabid animals.

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Better yet, it's time to revert back to nooses and bogs.

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Evil pleads for tolerance until it achieves majority, then it suppresses and destroys good.

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Scott Lively - 5 stage process - culture conquest

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI_0G2Ouz2oYouTube - 9 min mark

Begins with request for tolerance, once tolerance is acheived, then there is a demand for acceptance and equal status, then comes celebration: everyone must accept and promote homosexuality as a good thing, then forced participation for all in gay culture and finally, punishment for all who disagree.

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Very astute and well said

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Evil tries to suppress and destroy good the whole time as they decieve their way to the top.

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It's true. A sympathetic gay couple have sheltered me in their attic for the last 5 days. The gaystapo came yesterday and interrogated my benefactors, but they didn't search the house. At least not this time.

I'm putting them in terrible danger, but I don't know what else to do. I know what happens to those who protect breeders. They know it too. How long will the be willing to risk their lives for me? I trust them; I have to. What happens when the closet police come back, though? What happens when they are forced to choose between their safety and mine? I pray it doesn't come to that.

A crowd was marching in the street today. I could hear then chanting "YASS QUEEN, YASS QUEEN" through the walls of my hiding place. I can't tell if it's the stomp of their thigh high boots or my own shaking, but it feels like an earthquake. An earthquake inside my own head... my god, there's so many of them. I need to stay positive, but I can feel the spidery thread of hope slipping through my fingers.

Why didn't I listen after homonacht? I could have left. There was still time, but I didn't listen. There's no escape now; only hiding. Hiding and waiting for Pride Month to be over.

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This is how leaders distract you from them. They give other people power and you aim your sights on the other people while the leaders don't take much heat at all.

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I've done this in my last few Warhammer campaigns. It's cheaper to distract my enemy with smaller unimportant vassals than outright engage in war myself.

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If you give the devil a foothold...

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Get the jews first. They're behind all the degeneracy in the west.

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I fucking hate faggots so much.

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Same, but Jews are always #1 to hate.

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nooooo!! stop. stop now..

Dont use Homo FASCISM in one breath and then use FAGGOTS as an insult slander..

we LOVE fascism fren, its the ultimate system of rule for mankind ok. quickly ask yourself this: when you think of fascism, its pretty much the absolute most hated thing in the world, right? ask yourself why would (((the jews))) want you to hate that thing so bad? why would (((the jews))) make us hate christianity so much we abandon it for science and atheism..

Jews hate Fascism because it is a beast that cannot be reasoned with. It exists to serve its purpose and continue its purpose from here to eternity. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a (((Jew))) like the White Christian Man relearning what it means to be a fascist.

Now as for Faggot.. everyone thats gay is a faggot. obviously. so they are gay faggots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9XgK2UxE7s

a faggot being a bundle of sticks. comes from the term fasces.. google fasces, learn what it is. then you will know why (((the jew))) will do anything to stop you from becoming a fascist faggot...

the thought that people, our people, might one day very soon wake up and realise they were born to be fascists - that thought scares the absolute hell out of me. but god damn does it also excite me.

go with god brother, may he guide you on your path.

Psalms: 144:1 Blessed is the LORD, my rock. who trains my hands to battle, and my fingers to War.

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You seemed to have replied to the wrong person.

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