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Don't forget Sergey's wife and Susan's sister, Anne Wojcicki, the CEO of 23andMe (also based in Silicon Valley).

We should just rename Silicon Valley to Little Israel.


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That and South Florida

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Sergey Brin, the real Russian interference in our elections.

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So who owns Bitchute?

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Ray Vahey (English based) There is minimal about him wiki-wise, but judging by appearance he doesn't look jew.

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Best keep an eye on him,then. You know how they love shape shifting and controlled opposition.

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Maybe this is a test-run coming up for the next elections? I think about this as if what they want for the real world, is what they also want for the virtual world.

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Remember the future "theory" concept of uploading your consciousness in to a "cloud" so you live forever in a simulation? That concept sounds like Hell. Imagine tech Jews controlling you for eternity... nope give me a natural death.

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Looks like we have a kike infestation, boys. Many countries have been here before and expelled all jews. No one who holds a foreign identity should be allowed to hold any positions in US gov..

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Russian Jewish

So they're all BOLSHEVIKS

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Someone should tell them that youtube has been instrumental in educating people on the JQ. Their contribution to white supremacy will not go unnoticed.

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Fuck Israel and fuck Jews. Kill them before they kill us as non-Jews.

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