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Their is a syndrome called the "Paris Syndrome" and it's mind boggling on how WW2 depictions of post WW2 France was so correct with its depictions. Hitler tried to warn us. Ugh

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That's insane.

Japanese are so horrified by how immigrants have destroyed Paris that it's now a well-known psychological condition.

They even have a support hotline:

The Japanese Embassy in Paris now has a 24-hour hotline for Japanese tourists suffering from the syndrome, whose symptoms can range from depression and anxiety to acute delusional states, dizziness, sweating, hallucinations and "feelings of persecution."

Indicative of the irreparable impact of multiculturalism on European culture.

I'm familiar with the Nazi's prediction that France would become black majority in a hundred years time.

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Asians especially understand what niggers are capable of. There's a documentary called "empire of dust" and it shows an Asian working in a part of Africa trying to get enough rock for the roads. He's shocked on how that country he was in was once developed by the Europeans and blacks let it crumble and wants Asia to fix it. Asians Know

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The Japs are too pure for that shit.

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The Germans were absolutely correct, basically that's Paris, and the degenerate French who live in the center of the city, oblivious.

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That is the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard. There is a psychological condition related to seeing Paris turned into a Muslim filled shit stain third world city.

Isn’t that why the New Zealand guy went on a killing spree?

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those of you with normie accounts on twitter etc, spread the inverted color images and pretend to be horrified at the depiction of lynching and black genocide under the eiffel tower. When they find the actual images, they will have a “Cognitive Dissonance Shock” where their minds will be unable to rationalize how the normal colored images are any better than the reversals.

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I'd say make a fake site for his artwork (inverse), then use his contact info and get outraged liberals to attack him since they dont do research anyway.

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based & redpilled

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How do we get people to protest the fake pic?

I’m sure there are people and newspapers and especially some nogs that would have a lot to say about that negative picture. News is fake and lazy for sure some would run with it with the backing of one fake French article. What a thing of beauty it would be.

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..... or we could meme the muslims Into attacking it

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What the fuck

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It is obvious Cleon Peterson is a Satanist. When do we start hunting?

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There is a 3000 year HOT race war between us and the jews. We stopped fighting in the 40's.

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You don't know what satanist means.

Jews are Jews, satanists (real, theistic satanists) are the antithesis of Jews.

Christians don't know what is going on, because your only referential material is biblical, and therefore kiked.

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The Kabbalah, the occult, Satanism, etc. all stem from the same source, Hebrew mysticism. This shouldn't be a surprise considering the two work hand and hand constantly.

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I thank you for your reply. I ask that you provide some sauce. Please.

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Theistic Satanists are a byproducr of kike post-modernism.

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Who brought up Jews, kike?

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Why are leftists always so talentless? You'd think with billions of dollars he could have found himself a decent artist.

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Anyone calling this shit 'art' should be put into an oven.

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Excellent documentation and posting !

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The worst thing is nobody will stand up to these kikes and do anything about it.

We're literally being bred out of existence, having our culture destroyed, having our children sexualized, and everyone's just idly sitting by as if nothing's going on.

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and everyone's just idly sitting by as if nothing's going on.

Because Whites feel guilty over false history, no one even seems to know about all the Whites enslaved in the Barbary slave trade nor even the Holodomor. Instead we keep pretending that the J are such prolific procreators that they immediate replace the 6 million killed in every generation going back at least to the beginning of ... newspapers.

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Bring the chaos...

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