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Oh no! It wasn't our propaganda that swayed the vote, but the opposition's!

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I wonder if they'll try to force a redo of the election just like theh're trying to do with the brexit vote

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Nah, they know the EU parliament is a toothless tiger to give it a veil of democracy. No need to upset the peasants further.

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Brexit is probably one of the few legitimate cases for a revote, given the original was only broad generalities based on the idea the British government wouldn't beg the EU to go in dry.

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What they call "online misinformation and memes," I call stuff naturally created by citizens, people watching the world and posting their thoughts, along with some real, actual hard evidence/numbers (ie rape statistics). Basically they're against anything that isn't produced by the corporate media. Which honestly isn't too different from the Soviet MO.

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Honestly, these continuing denials that they themselves could be to blame for election failures, and not some other excuse that they were robbed, cheated, deceived, are a good sign that more loss will be headed their way. I’d much rather have an opponent who is intransigent and with no self-insight, than one who examines why and how they fucked up and works to change it. They should all be encouraged to keep thinking it was a big mistake, don’t change anything you’re doing, and somehow it will all workout better next time.

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It’s behavior like this that they have no real plan, no true self-aware centralized control, and are running mostly on their own arrogance. They think they truly have a correct read of their people and that their actions are morally justified. Neither is true, and they can’t see it.

We can only hope the inevitable failure happens before they amass enough power to take the entire West down with them. Fortunately, they seem incapable of self-reflection so I don’t think they’ll be able to maintain control long enough for that to happen.

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"Why you can trust BBC News". Uh-huh, about as far as I can spit a fucking rat.

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Hey Mr Farange: I think it is time for the BBC to lose its status as an institution funded by taxpayers.

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That's been a UKIP manifesto pledge for a while.....of course Farage doesn't have a manifesto yet

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Has nothing to do with the illegal immigrant doctors and lawyers from Africa raping and mass murdering European countries

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Let's ask Tommy what he thinks about online misinformation.

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Manufactured consent is the Jew speciality. We'll keep having the vote until we can convince you that you all voted for this bullshit and the bullshit is justice brought forth like gods word. Kill all the jews. Problem solved

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