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This is promising and hopefully, this is the beginning of the end of political correctness, uncontrolled migration and submission to Islam, LGBT bullshit and feminism.

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Don't forget Le Pen reformed her party to exclude the jews from any blame for the invasion. Don't trust her.

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No need to abolish the EU goys, we have a new “right wing” flavored goyim party to represent your interests and the interests of your (((allies))).

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https://archive.ph/daw28 :

2019-05-26 | Le Pen calls for 'powerful' far-right group in EU Parliament | Daily Mail Online

'Three Catalan separatists - one in jail and two more fugitives from Spanish justice - have won European Parliament seats. ', "People's Party Our Slovakia, a far-right party, finished third with 12.1 per cent, winning two seats.", "The Social Democrats are second with 18.6 per cent while Prime Minister Marjan Sarec's party won 15.6 per cent."

'Newly-emerged far-right party Vox, meanwhile, got just over six percent of the vote. ', "But Slovakia's local ally of France's far-right National Rally party led by Marine Le Pen didn't win a seat."

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