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These people also don't have any power to pass any regulating, reforms or laws. They just press a button to say yes or no on decisions handed down from the eu commission, which is not elected.

The EU is a threat to democracy all over the world, it shows elites worldwide what level of nonsense people will put up with while still patting themselves on the back and congratulating themselves on such a wondrous thing they have created. The EU is a fascist superstate with aspirations to wipe out its own people.

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The Bible says the one world order is the beast.

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Where? I don't doubt I want to learn.

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Google is your friend. MY other friend is shepherd's chapel (weekday mornings at 5AM) program AND website. Chapter by chapter and verse by verse teaching of Bible. I've been doing it for almost 7 years now. If you don't really understand READING the Bible yourself, perhaps you're like me and are amenable with being READ to (like when you were a child). It HELPS (me). Anyway, it's TOO involved for me to quote you scripture and verse here on voat, but shepherds chapel has PLENTY of DVD's, CD's, Cassettes on offer with proper lessons FROM the Bible. Sounds like you need the "Key of David".

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Yeah but it’s run from Babylon, not Brussels.

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But you do realise that Babylon is a mindset, not a fixed place?

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It's an INFECTION friend. That should tell you that it's ADVANCING perilously towards our vital organs. Me.

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Everyone with the awareness said the (((EU))) was the new (((USSR))) after it fell...

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someone once said,

If your vote actually mattered, you wouldn't have one.

which seems pretty accurate most of the time.

To me, democracy is just a defence mechanism for the elite. they can gauge whether people are going to hunt them down in their bunkers based on current popular opinion and act accordingly.

every now and then you get a glimpse of their next stool pigeons.

Farage in his brexit speech years ago advocated for tariff free trade with the EU which is globalism by the backdoor dressed in populist clothing.

Jordan Peterson has a discussion with Eric Weinstein where they ruminate on how the left is politically unstable, and needs to stop doing things to galvanize the right which is inherently politically stable. This is a 9 alarm warning to globalists to moderate politics again towards centrism.

Steve Bannon in his critiques of the belt road initiative regularly states that the 'deplorables' are stretched to the limit and are bound to snap. He does this from unique seats of power like Oxford. This is also a 9 alarm message to the overlords to relax a little bit because the rate of creeping totalitarianism is too fast for the current systems to sustain.

Farage, JBP, and Bannon are all millionaires, and will be multi to tens of millionaires in their lifetimes. The rewards of the globalists know no end.

They will elevate these people to obscene wealth and access. access being the most important. Since they sounded the alarm bells ahead of the curve and avoided a catastrophe they are made men.

This is the real mafia, and these 'luminaries' are the hit men.

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If your vote actually mattered, you wouldn't have one.

Attributed to Mark Twain, but Snopes says it is incorrect.... of course, I think Snopes is cucked and the establishment doesn't like that quote.

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If your vote actually mattered, you wouldn't have one.

I thought that was Tony Benn, but searching the web finds a book by Ken Livingston If voting changed anything they would abolish it

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Peterson is a known corrupt, fake.

Eric Weinstein the jew, is not as well known. The mental gymnastics he verbalizes to rationalize working for fag Thiel, said everything I needed.

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  • the E jeU

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Oh vey, that's what I a lowly goyim will be calling it from now on as a reminder...

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Actually, the EU is designed to be democratic. Democracy is a front for Marxism, which is a front for Judiasm. The EU is how the jews want to impose globalism upon the world. It is working as intended.

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Whats odd is this is exactly what I predicted the EU would end up being like when I was a teenager.

I was ridiculed as i was young, and what would I know.

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Q !!!

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The seat distribution process is fine, the problem is that they have no power Iver the commission.

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