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Hes into the LONG con. The longer the Goyim are conned and dont KNOW, the more shekels he gets. SHALOMS GOYIM! MIGA

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boiler plate voat robot comment

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And then the media wont cover them, and the whole thing will be forgotten in 24 hours despite being worse than Watergate. He kind of has to hype them to make sure they get coverage. The media will never properly cover them, but they will cover Adam Schiff freaking out over them, which will draw others' attention.

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Trump is part of the swamp. Who has he appointed that isnt?

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If they're scared, they would be deplatforming conservatives, make it impossible for them to communicate on social media, then use the media and entertainment industry to spin the news,attack the head of the snake, and attack the messengers.

If they're scared, they will use the full weight of congress,the deep state, and judiciary to impede,stall,investigate,and impeach the Executive branch.

If they're scared they would close financial institutions to any of Trump's supporters.

If they're scared, they would flood the borders with illegals to create a crisis at the border.

If they're scared they would have the news working around the clock pushing the impeachment agenda.

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If the swamp was scared they'd crash the market, turn up the various "cold" internal wars we are fighting and try to distract us with false flags.

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"The swamp", psh, get out of here. Trump just named the golan heights Israel soil and just got the first oil rights. He is just the same as everyone else. Meant to appease the Jew and calm the whites. We will never have another president that is elected by the people. We need to seperate or get these traitors and globalist/communist jew fags and non whites out of here

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Hell yeah #MAGA202