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And there is a reason Trump uses Twitter to communicate:

It's the only source where his statements are not edited.

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Rally photos is how I managed to predict the 2016 election after Bernie got fucked over by the DNC my woman's family would argue with me up and down over my belief he would win. They would throw every poll and survey at me telling me I was dumb and there was no way Trump would win.

"Look at the rally photos, Hillary can't even get a Friday high school pep rally worth of attendance"

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Same here, my militant lesbian aunt still doesn't talk to me.

Nothing of value was lost

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Family is important, be the bigger person and extend the Olive Branch. Don't fall into their trap of cutting off family because you don't agree on everything.

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Kikesucker in Chief still bringing out the crowds, but for how much longer...

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Until the goy learn.

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https://tweetsave.com/flightcrew/status/1132184698762027008 :

Flightcrew 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "There Is a Reason That The Media NEVER SHOWS The Crowds At a Donald Trump Rally. They Don't Want The People To Know How Popular Donald Trump Really Is. @realDonaldTrump /reEG7OkFtJ"

This has been an automated message.

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derp derp the Orange Rabbi is /ourguy/! His total lack of meaningful action on any of the large issues of his campaign are just because of hurrdurr dem DEMOCRATS (MORE LIKE DEMO-RATS AMIRIGTH?) Just don't worry, we're gonna tweet and vote ourselves out of this one bygolly or another! Just keep slurping down the corn syrup while niggers and beaners flood into the country.

ALSO MAGA 2020! More Shekels for Shlomo

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He's still a crypto-jew.

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maybe hes our crypto-jew tho lol

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We the People are Safe for another 6 years. Indisputable proof.

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Crossposted to V/LyingNewsMedia thanks!

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