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Great info that will be ignored by Q jackasses.

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Username checks out.

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Not this jackass.

Anyone thinking that Q, or rather, Trump, would be the "great white hope" has forgotten we live in a ZOG and set themselves up for butthurt. You played yourselves.

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We live in a JMIC (in yiddish you say a SCCCHHHMIKK)
Jewish Matrix Internment Camp.

Please go tell the retards @theawakening and their masters SERIALBRAIN and all those retards to kill themselves.

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Waiting for a man to fix your problems is a female mindset. Be a man and quit waiting for Daddy Trump to drain the swamp.

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Nah, we know. What about the satanists?

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They ARE the Satanists.

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Trust the plan.

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Just thinking back now, Married with Children really did a good job of making family and marriage look like shit

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The show thematically derides the family unit and procreation.

The main character, Al Bundy, continually rejected and avoided his wife's sexual advances.

Al Bundy also created the fictional anti-feminist NO MA'AM group, a precursor to the real-life MGTOW. MGTOW is a collective of men who, disillusioned with what the modern woman has become, reject marriage and cohabitation. A subset of them reject sex and procreation entirely.

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And MGTOW aren't wrong, they're just less risk averse or more aware than the average married man. Just look up the child support calculator for your state.

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A group of jews on the east coast basically stole Thomas Edison's motion picture technology and went as far west as they could--California. Edison declined to prosecute them. However, this incident solidified his strong anti-jewish views. One of his heirs later provided funding to the Institute for Historical Review, which was a major de-bunker of the holohoax.

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It's fascinating how quickly the Jews identified and adapted motion picture technology as a mechanism for subversion. They wasted very little time.

The IHR cleverly refute the Holocaust in a manner that ensures they can't be tarred as "Holocaust deniers":

According to Mark Weber, associate editor of the IHR's Journal of Historical Review [now Director of the IHR], "If by the 'Holocaust' you mean the political persecution of Jews, some scattered killings, if you mean a cruel thing that happened, no one denies that. But if one says that the 'Holocaust' means the systematic extermination of six to eight million Jews in concentration camps, that's what we think there's not evidence for." That is, IHR doesn't deny that the Holocaust happened; they just deny that the word 'Holocaust' means what people customarily use it for. [Source]

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the amazing thing is that they weren't all rounded up then and there. imagine how much better the world today would be.

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Well, we'd have better lamp shades.

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Reagan was wise to persecute them.

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Fucking splendid post, OP.

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Unfortunately Hays Code and things like it are laughed at nowadays.

E.g. Constitution.

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Is that that thing written by a bunch of racist old white men?

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((They)) will over play ((their)) hand. ((They)) always do!

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I hope so goat, I hope so.

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They already have, it's just not enough have awakened from the indoctrination (((they))) instilled over the past ~75 years to do anything.

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Hence the replete expulsions.

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making laws for jews not to be degenerate is like making laws for termites not to eat rotting wood.

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lol, and gas is the solution!

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Apt analogy.

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Far from it.

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Good info.

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i'd be curious to see what the average normiecuck's response would be to seeing this. their mental gymnastics when confronted with cold hard reality always amuse.

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Though they're powerfully programmed to dismiss any condemnation of the Jews as a form of Nazism or white supremacy, in my experience, they don't present much opposition to evidence, once it's been presented. Moreover, in their attempts to disprove the said evidence, they inadvertently red-pill themselves.

I'd argue that not enough effort is made to present the evidence to them.

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