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You should really read the analysis attached to all of those different points. And yes, given that they categorize similarly for the "lies" sections, I counted them. Lets put it down to mostly true and true only, though. That still leaves him at 52%, well ahead of most every other person listed on that sight, or at least among the candidates since I honestly didn't look through every single person they list. Just too many people.

Rand Paul, for example, ranks in at 43% given the same criteria

Scott Walker is at 33%

Jeb Bush at 50%

and Donald Trump at a whopping 7%

And that's counting the "True" and "Mostly True" statements alone. Seems like Bernie is kicking ass to me, or do you perhaps have different numbers than the rest of us?


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No, just ones that you overlooked.

John Kasich - 51% Bobby Jindal - 71%

And 2% is completely negligible by any reasonable margin of error. Your savior is, by all accounts, just as honest as the terrible oligarch Jeb Bush, and significantly less honest than a governor from the racist deep South.


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I didn't include them for the same reason I didn't include the other dozen Republican candidates, there's simply too many. I chose to focus on those who are generally accepted as being the only real contenders. I also omitted Marco Rubio (40%) but that was just an oversight. Given that Kasich and Jindal are polling at 1.5% and 1.3% respectively, I chose not to include them. Perhaps down the road that may change, but for now there are very few people who think either of them has a chance.

Eh, screw it. Lets do them all!

Rand Paul - 43%

Scott Walker - 33%

Jeb Bush - 50%

Donald Trump - 7%

Marco Rubio - 40%

Mike Huckabee - 30%

Ted Cruz - 16%

Ben Carson - 0%

Chris Christie - 42%

Rick Perry - 29%

John Kasich - 51%

Rick Santorum - 24%

Bobby Jindal - 71%

Carly Fiorina - 14%

Lindsey Graham - 34%

There you go. All the main Republican candidates. Now How about the Democrats:

Hillary Clinton - 51%

Bernie Sanders - 52%

Joe Biden - 39%

Jim Webb - 72%

Martin O'Mally - 0%

Lincoln Chafee - 38%

Full context to really compare the candidates. Please note though, that since many of the lesser known candidates haven't really said much, thier numbers are based off of far fewer statements. Jindal for example only has 7 total statements, which is a small sample size. I encourage everyone to follow the links I've provided, and see for yourself where everyone stands.