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Pelosi is the weakest House speaker in living memory. She has no control over her party, and can only look on in terror as idiots like Rashida Talib drive the DNC bus over a cliff.

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Democrats have chosen losing tactics. For every 200 subpoenas and for every thousand chorus line calls for 'investigation', we on the side of sanity are actually sending indictments.

Not to Russians who we don't expect to show to court, not ham sandwiches, but legitimate indictments.

If the pen is mightier than a sword, we got a mega sharpie motherfuckers.

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If they do impeach him though, it could finally mean we get that civil war we want.

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As the other poster said, there won't be one, not any more than there was one when Nixon was impeached. Civil wars require more than a lot of people wanting one. There are structural reasons behind them.

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This is a fantasy. They can't do it. Even if they do, it would be meaningless.

There won't be a Civil War. But certain people in this society have lost their privileges within certain groups. Some people will never be able to walk down a public street without security. Some people will move to Israel and give up their American Citizenship. Some people will be quietly murdered in their sleep.

The nation won't mourn them.

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Not too surprising since she doesn't even have the wits to remember she has said there is crisis at the border.

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In her defense, lies are harder to keep track of than reality, especially when you're a cocaine addicted binge drinking cum dumpster like Nancy Pelosi.

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